The Fault in our Stars John green

The book Fault in our stars is about a girl named hazel who had cancer and fell in love with a girl that also had cancer and was in the same group/ circle that she was in to talk to people. Hazel is the main character she has lung cancer. Augustus waters was her first love and it was love at first sight. Hazel always wanted to go to Amsterdam but one her doctors would never let her and her parents didn't have the money to go. So she told Augustus about it and he mad her dream come true to go to Amsterdam.*&imgrc=3aHYLt0aYlS7wM:

This is the main Character is Hazel Grace. Hazel is a beautiful who has cancer and she is fighting it. She has had a though life and she goes though a lot having cancer going to school and then going to the group that she goes to to talk about her cancer and her feelings. she goes to this group every week. She has friends in the group and she gets along with everyone. One day hazel came to the group and there was a new guy that she hasnt meet and it was love at first sight.,g_2:gus,g_3:augustus&*&imgrc=tLiHM3D_TUMPNM:

This is Augustus waters which is a primary character. This is who Hazel fell in love with. Ausgustus has cancer too. And his cancer has to do with his leg so he has one fake leg. Cancer has really took a toll in him and it killed him close to the end of the book.

This is Amsterdam. Hazel read a book called and imperial affection. The author of the book didn't finish the book so Hazel wanted to take a visit with him so she could talk to him about what else happened in the book. But her parents told her that it was to much money to go there and her health would not make it in Amsterdam. So when she met Gus they went to Amsterdam and they went to the authors house and he was very rude to them. They left and went to the Anne frank house.

This photo is of Gus with a cigarette in his mouth. He never lights the cigarette but he wants will always put one in his mouth like he is going to smoke it. Hazel always ask why he puts it in his mouth and not lighting it. She tells him that it is going to kill him self from it.

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