Life in the 1930s By: calVin naftzger

There were a few major causes of the stock market crash of the Great Depression one of theses causes was the horrific state of agriculture in the United States. This was known as the dust bowl. In the twenties agriculture was booming and so was the economy. America was doing great and we needed more farmers and more grain the federal government began programs to encourage everyone to produce more grain.
These new policy encouraged everyone including city folk to move westward and begin working the land and that's just what they did lawyers and doctors left there jobs and moved west to grow wheat and get rich, many did just that since the government promised a dollar a bushel for any wheat (which was 400% the current market). But then the side affects arose and it got dryer the wind started to blow and so did the dirt it blew for multiple days at times and no one grew a crop for many years and many died of famine and even from inhaling the dust.
After the stock market crash many people lost their entire life savings along with their job families were devastated the whole country was scrambling just to stay alive. The work load shifted to the family not just the man of the house hold children found jobs at their local businesses doing very undesirable jobs, as many adults had to resort to selling things like brushes and belts door to door, making a few dollars a day.

These terrible economic times left hardly any time for leisure people worked 70+ hours a week. This was also very true In the cities every one pinched every last penny turning of lights every chance they get and saving every cent they could.

The state of the nation wasn't good for any one including the minorities and women. When people aren't happy they often take it out on others around them such as blacks and sadly their wife's and other bystanders around the moral state of the country was terrible and it was prevalent in all races and genders.


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