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Having a valuable resource can really help your countrie become more wealthy.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource can really help your region. Your region’s economy will be stronger. The per capita level will be higher than it was before. The gross domestic product will rise. Developed countries that have an excesses amount of crude oil benefit in a higher per capital level. Countries like Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates have a high per capita level compared to other developed countries. This is because they hold a large percentage of the world's crude oil. This makes other countries like the United States buy oil from them, and they become wealthier. When countries don't have to depend on other countries for resources their gross domestic product will increase. For example, the United States is expanding their renewable resources by using solar, wind, and geothermal energy. Doing so, the United States will not have to rely on other countries for energy. As a result, countries will be able to spend more money on what they want, and their GDP will rise. There are many positive reasons of having a valuable resource in your country, like becoming wealthier. However, there can be some negative reasons, like countries might want the land because they want that resource.

Oasis and trading help people adapt to living in a desert region.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People have learned that in order to survive in a desert you need to go to an oasis, and wear loose clothing. One way you can adapt to living in a desert region is by going to oasis. When you travel to an oasis you can do many things to help you. You can get the water from the oasis to drink. If you have a lot of one material like meat you could trade it with someone for other materials you need, or don't have like fruits and vegetables such as date palms. There are many baobab trees around oasis, so you could get some shade and get out of the sun for a little. The second way you can adapt to living in a desert region is by wearing long loose clothing. Wearing long loose clothing will protect your skin from the harsh sun. When you're sweaty and very hot it's very uncomfortable to be wearing tight clothing, because it will stick to your skin. In conclusion, there are many different ways people can adapt to living in a desert region like wearing loose clothing, traveling to oasis and many other ways. Even though it would be very hard to live in a desert region, it is possible. People use these ways and many more to help the adapt.

There are lots of forces that work for you in a supernational cooperation. There are also many forces that work against you in a supernational cooperation.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

In a supranational cooperation like the EU there are forces that work for you and work against you. One example of a centripetal force is borders, because when you travel to many countries in the EU you don't need to use a passport. When you don't need a passport to travel to other countries in the EU you will feel more welcome to go to that place. You might also feel like you belong there and you are not separate countries. An example of a centrifugal force could be language. The EU has over 20 different languages spoken. It could be a problem, because when you travel to another country within the EU you won't be able to understand anything or anyone. Also you won't be able to communicate with anyone from there unless you have a translator or they can speak the same language as you. If they don't speak the same language as you, and you are trying to get somewhere it will be very hard to communicate. All the countries in the EU have to work together and communicate in order to be a successful Union.

Government is very important in our country.

What is government and why is it necessary?

Government is important because it makes leaders responsible for following the laws. In addition, government is a system that keeps laws intact. If we didn't have government it would be anarchy and it would be very crazy. The government has to protect the citizen’s rights. They will make laws so people stay safe. Specifically in the US our government is very important and a lot of the government is run by the people, that's called direct democracy. Also government is important because some forms will use separation of power so not just one person or leader will have all the power. This is important because the one leader could abuse their power. A government with a dictator makes all the rules and can take advantage of the citizens. For example a few countries that have dictatorships include North Korea and Cuba. These types of countries limit the citizens rights. In conclusion, government is very important for a country to run. Without a form of government, a country cannot be run effectively. There are many types of governments and each has their strengths and weaknesses.

By respecting your rights and responsibilities you can become a better citizen.

What makes a good citizen?

In order to be a good citizen you have many rights and responsibilities that you have to respect. A right is freedom that is protected. A few rights would be, freedom of speech, and voting. A responsibility is what is expected of you. Some examples of responsibilities are, stay informed, and get an education. Rights and responsibilities can connect. For example, you have the right to vote so you should stay informed to pick the best person. A good citizen is a person who stays aware of their rights and responsibilities. They also obey the law.


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