Please note - all events for this program have now passed. All registration links have been removed.

February One - Movie Club with the Filmmaker

Watch February One - The Story of the Greensboro Four, and join a virtual discussion with filmmaker Rebecca Cerese on February 26th from 7:30 - 8:30 pm! (Attendance is limited to the first 250 people to sign onto the meeting link below.)

Rebecca Cerese is a social justice activist, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and a passionate healthcare advocate. Her first documentary, February One – the Story of the Greensboro Four, has been broadcast as part of the Independent Lens series on PBS, and has been screened at the National Archives, the Smithsonian of American History, the King Center, and at film festivals around the country. She is the first ever Health Engagement Coordinator at the NC Justice Center, where she collects stories about people who are uninsured in order to push for policy changes. She is also the co-lead of Healthcare For All, Y'all, a board member of Health Care For All, NC, and one of the founding members of the NC Medicare For All Coalition.


Mr. Wiley’s performance of ONE NOBLE JOURNEY: A BOX MARKED FREEDOM was our feature presentation, and ran running through February 22nd. The performance will be limited to the first 300 people who register.

"Mike Wiley is a North Carolina-based actor & playwright whose compelling works of documentary theatre yield powerful journeys through milestones and turning points of a shared American history. With a remarkable ability to inspire dialog, his creative vision and talents are broad and magnetic, leading audiences and communities to begin to peel layers and barriers to true 'community.' When a curtain comes down on a Mike Wiley performance, the experience has far from “ended.” It’s more likely that light may have seeped through, that a stubborn door may have just nudged open.”

We encourage you to go to www.goingbarefoot.com/artist_wiley.php to read and learn more about this remarkable actor and to see his full repertoire of performances. Gather the family and enjoy!

Black History Month 2021

Click the image below to watch the video featuring a message from Mayor Jacques Gilbert, artwork submitted by local students on their Black History Month reflections, and a glimpse of the activities from this year's Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.

Submit Your Photos for the Living Exhibit

Click image below to watch this year's Living Exhibit video presentation.

During the month of February, you can submit your photos for inclusion in the video above.