iPhone Photos A look at my photos taken and edited on my iPhone. With links to my Flickr and Instagram page.

Info about me.

I am not a real photographer, I just enjoy taking photos. I sometimes use the standard camera app or apps like ProCam and Lightroom which allows iOS to take full RAW photos. I then use Snapseed, Formulas and After Focus to edit my photos.

All photos where taken and edited on a iOS device with iOS apps.

Instagram Photos.

A look at some of my favourite photos taken and edited for Instagram. Also a link to my Instagram page.

Flickr Page

Some photos I had taken on my iPhone and posted to Flickr.


Photos of clouds. Kind of like cloud spotting (lol).

Style photos Sets!

Photos shoot/taken and edited in a certain way. It could be a Black and White set, a Death of field (DoF) effect set or a collection of photos with some crazy filters.

Coming soon!

Created By
Kevin Lawson


All photos belong to Kevin Lawson. All photos where taken and edited on a iOS device (iPhone 6s). Apps used : Lightroom Mobile - Camera+ - Photoshop Express and Snapseed. This is a mobile photo portfolio.

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