The World According To Olivia C.


Does Globalization help or harm the earth?

Based my notes, I think that globalization has more important positive effects than negative effects. A few ways that globalization helps is it makes products more affordable. That is because globalization allows international trade and manufacturing. If a company decides to set up factories in a country where people can afford to work for less the company does not have to pay it’s implores as much. Therefore, they can lower the price and that means that their product if more affordable. Now, people with lower incomes can afford products that they couldn’t afford before. Globalization also creates more job opportunities, with more factories in poorer countries, that creates more jobs. Often in those countries the jobs are very limited and the jobs have an extremely low wage, there is also a chance the working conditions are terrible. When the companies come in with their factories they need employees and most of the time the pay and working conditions far better at the factories than the other jobs in the area. By making better jobs it gives people a chance to working in a safe environment and to improve their lives. Making products more affordable and more jobs are only a few of positive effects of globalization, every day globalization works very day to improve people’s daily lives.

Mount Everest and some of it's challenges.

Is it worth the risk to climb Mount Everest?

Yes, I think it is worth the risk to climb Mount Everest despite all the data that shows it would be reckless and self suicide. Over the past years more and more people have summit Everest successfully, recently the death rate is only 4%, just over ⅙ less than K2 (25%) which is in the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan. Over the years about 282 people have climbed Everest and have died, if you compared the 282 deaths to the 4,217 survivors who have made it to the pike and back down you have a very good chance of being successful if you have the right training. With the technology used to summit Everest getting more advanced every year the % of people dying should go down too, even with the danger and risks of Everest, hundreds of people still climb it every year. Today people summit Everest not only for pride but being able to be on top of the world.

Bucket List


Saddam Hussein

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a resource can affect a region in many ways, both positive and negative. One example of an negative impact is making region a target to other countries and people. Having a large supply a non-renewable resource makes the regions of Southwest and Central a target to power hungry people like Saddam Hussein. In 1990 Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq ordered his military to invade Kuwait, that allowed him to control Kuwait’s oil reserves which hold almost 10% of the world's oil. People feared that Saudi Arabia would be next. If Hussein took over that country he would control too much oil and he might decide to cut off oil sales and exporting countries would suffer from a sparseness of energy. An example of the positive effects of having a large supply of a non-renewable resource is having the per capita GDP go up. Having your country's per capita GDP go up is good because that means that your country can spend more money on public healthcare. If more people have health care, that means that people are going to be healthier and the life expectancy will go up as well as the infant mortality rate. Clearly there are negative and positive sides to having a large supply of a resource that is in high demand, but having healthy citizens is very important. Power (in this case having a huge impact on the oil industry)is known to drive people insane, crazy and power hungry (Saddam Hussein, this valuable resources have clearly affected people’s lives, hopefully for the better.

The Sahara Desert's marginal lands.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

There are many different ways that people adapt to living in a desert climate. Many people of the desert live by oasis because an oasis provides a water source and a food source. Droughts are very common in the desert, the marginal lands are very harsh and at an oasis you might be able to grow a cash crop and make money. Those are some reasons that people settle at oasis. The natives of the desert also wear long, loose, thin clothes that cover up their whole body including their faces. The people of the desert must wear long, loose, thin clothes because of the raging sun that beats down on them. They cover up their whole body to protect them from the sun and sand so their do not get burnt or cut. The clothing is loose and flows so heat can escape easily from their bodies. There are many different ways that people adapt to the desert climate, wearing long, loose clothing and being nomic are only a few. The climate that these people survive is immensely harsh and it is amazing how these people have lived there for thousands of years.

The European Union's Flag

In the EU, people who live in the western part are generally have more wealth than the people who live in the central and eastern part have less money. That causes people who live in the western part of the EU to worry about losing their jobs to people who live in the eastern and central part because the poorer people are willing to work for less money. A second centrifugal force that separates the EU is that there are many different cultures. As more people and more countries join the EU, the EU becomes more diverse. With more people with different ideas, it will be harder to take everyone's ideas into consideration. Different countries also speak different languages, and instead of getting rid of borders it could enforce them more. Countries will argue about things that are not big problems and that could drive the EU to its end. Although EU’s goal is to unite Europe, the EU could also drive Europe apart.

The United States of America is a good example of a Representative Democracy.

The most effective form of government is a representative democracy. In a representative democracy the citizens vote on the representative that they want to win and represent their ideas. Citizens are more likely to vote on the people that have more educated ideas. Another reason that representative democracy is the most effective form of government because it is based on making sure that people have the rights, so if a person is being mistreated because they believe in something different that most people. One thing that the U.S. has is a limit on government which are Rule of Law, Constitution, Consent of Governed, Rights of Minority and Separation of Power.

The Law plays a very important part in the ways we live our lives.

A good citizen exercises their rights and responsibilities of the house, town, city, state or country that they are part of. A good citizen will follow the law and pay their taxes so that they country that they are part of will run smoothly. Additionally they will vote for their political leaders so that they will make the right decisions for their country. They will also get an education so that they can have a good judgement. The responsibilities may differ depending on the house, city, state, or country but they all generally have the same basics responsibilities.


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