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The European Union's Flag

In the EU, people who live in the western part are generally have more wealth than the people who live in the central and eastern part have less money. That causes people who live in the western part of the EU to worry about losing their jobs to people who live in the eastern and central part because the poorer people are willing to work for less money. A second centrifugal force that separates the EU is that there are many different cultures. As more people and more countries join the EU, the EU becomes more diverse. With more people with different ideas, it will be harder to take everyone's ideas into consideration. Different countries also speak different languages, and instead of getting rid of borders it could enforce them more. Countries will argue about things that are not big problems and that could drive the EU to its end. Although EU’s goal is to unite Europe, the EU could also drive Europe apart.

The United States of America is a good example of a Representative Democracy.

The most effective form of government is a representative democracy. In a representative democracy the citizens vote on the representative that they want to win and represent their ideas. Citizens are more likely to vote on the people that have more educated ideas. Another reason that representative democracy is the most effective form of government because it is based on making sure that people have the rights, so if a person is being mistreated because they believe in something different that most people. One thing that the U.S. has is a limit on government which are Rule of Law, Constitution, Consent of Governed, Rights of Minority and Separation of Power.

The Law plays a very important part in the ways we live our lives.

A good citizen exercises their rights and responsibilities of the house, town, city, state or country that they are part of. A good citizen will follow the law and pay their taxes so that they country that they are part of will run smoothly. Additionally they will vote for their political leaders so that they will make the right decisions for their country. They will also get an education so that they can have a good judgement. The responsibilities may differ depending on the house, city, state, or country but they all generally have the same basics responsibilities.


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