Kinfolks R Us 2017 jOINED TOGETHER BY mARY aNN Hart at Canyon Lake

Family Reunion Itinerary:


  • 3 PM - Check in- Some cabins may be available before 3 pm. I will call that morning to find out the status just in case you want to hit the road early to avoid SOME traffic.
  • 8 PM - Dinner / Meet & Greet
  • 10 PM - 6 AM are considered "Quiet hours". No loud music, kids running around screaming, etc.. Please keep in mind that a lot of the folks we will be sharing the park with are Military Retirees, so we have to be respectful and keep the noise level to a minimum.


  • 9 AM - Breakfast Fellowship
  • 10 AM -Our history - History of Mama Mary, her children and all of their history & accomplishments.
  • 11 AM - Rest, play...whatever your heart desires.
  • 12:30 - Lunch Fellowship
  • 1:30-7 PM - Activities! - Water activities, volleyball, football, obstacle course, rest, fish, shop in neighboring towns, sight see, tubing down the Guadalupe, wine tasting...there is PLENTY to do for EVERYONE.
  • 7 PM - Dinner Fellowship
  • 8 PM - Talent Show
  • 9 PM Marshmallow/Wiener Roast/Fellowship & Storytelling
  • 10 PM-6AM Quiet hours in the park. Again, we can still hang out and spend time together...just quietly out of respect for other campers.


  • 9AM - Mother's Day Breakfast
  • 10 AM - Clean up! We have a saying in our family, "Give it back in better condition than it was given to you." In other words, make sure that there is no trash left at camp sites or cabins, that cabins are just as clean if not cleaner than when you were given the keys, and everything is in its rightful place. If not, we will be charged heavily.
  • 11 AM - Kiss, hug and check out!

Please remember that this is a military park, so if you can't handle your liquor ( no glass allowed), or have beef with someone, handle that mess outside of Canyon Lake because they WILL kick you out and you will NOT get a refund. DO NOT BRING that to our family reunion and ruin everyone's fun. This event is about UNITY, not messy or petty behavior, so we will ALL have to check our egos on I-10.

If anyone has ANY suggestions or recommendations, PLEASE let it be known in the group chat on Facebook and I will add it to this page. This is a family event so we want everyone to feel included and loved.

There is TONS of shopping and sightseeing 10 minutes away and a Brookshire Brothers & HEB Plus in close proximity. There is also a general store on the property, but their supply is sometimes limited.

Itinerary for Kinfolks R Us 2017


Check in: 3 pm – Earlier if cabins are available. I will check that morning to find out the status.

Friday Night fellowship/ Meet n Greet – 8 pm – Dinner will be served


9 AM - Breakfast Fellowship

10 AM – Our history – History of Mama Mary, her children and all of their accomplishments collectively

11 AM - Activity

12:30 – Lunch Fellowship

1:30-7 PM – Activity – Water activities, Volleyball, Football, Obstacle course, Rest, Fishing, Shopping

7 PM - Dinner Fellowship

8 PM – Talent Show

9 PM – Marsh mellow/ Weiner Roast/ Storytelling – Preferably memories of something funny that happened with another family member or something new we learned about someone in our family.

10 PM on are quiet hours in the park

Sunday: 9 AM – Mother’s day breakfast

10 AM - Clean up

11 AM – Kiss, hug and check out!

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