PERSUASIVE ARGUMENT By; Nekysia Jackson, Sally kim


There has been multiple abuse situations like this for example "I know that you've taken my gun. but thats ok, you keep it. because id prefer to use a baseball you know what i can do to your head with a bat"(pappas). This is explaining that she was been put under pressure of being under emotional abuse. It also had stated that Donna was trying to get away from him by taking the bat. Then she stated,"I stood there and held the gun in my hand as Clint reached for his bat hanging on the wall rack. this is stating facts of why she did what she did to him


she had many people that could trust in this case , like Lyn johns , "I hold a Ed . in physiology from sun-Albany , a MA education from sun-Birmingham and also a Ba from Connell"(pappas). because of the longevity of Lyn Jhons experience with being a lawyer , he shows he can be trusted. Also not only that who ever she ever she trusted her husband did not like for example, jack Mathews , she would also talk to him about what her husband has been doing and also jack has been beating by his wife, so they had the same relations, "During the first three weeks of class, donna and I met for coffee during breaks" (pappas). This is explain that her husband had nothing to worry about and he atomaticlly assumed she was cheating and was beating her for no reason.


The defendant is very much innocent she struggle from physical abuse and also mental abuse from her husband Clinton. she was also trying to defend herself and also her children. "The victim acted under the influence of extreme emotional disturbance for which there was a reasonable explanation or excuse....(pappas). This is explain the reason why she had done what she did.

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Nekysia Jackson


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