Educating children on how they can improve the lives of dogs and cats through simple acts of compassion.

Dogs and Cats Veterinary Referral & ER Hospital (DCVR) is committed to teaching children about pet compassion and safety. Children who learn to be kind to animals will often continue into adulthood with compassion and respect for other living beings.

To teach the importance of being compassionate to pets, DCVR launched the "Pet Safety 101" program in February 2020. As part of the program, DCVR wants to partner with local schools to feature interactive, educational presentations about pet safety for their students that would:

  • Provide first-hand knowledge to students about a typical day in their profession.
  • Share a video with students that focuses on pets as living beings versus objects.
  • Teach the students about toxic food and objects around the home that can cause injuries to both cats and dogs.
  • Provide paper hearts for students to write compassion messages to post throughout our hospital for patients.

If you're interested in DCVR partnering with your school to teach your students about pet compassion and safety, please contact Megan Murphy, marketing@dcvetreferral.com.