intro into digital photography p1-02

Before and after: this topic category is dessert. This is the beginning of the story involving waking up for breakfast, which can also be "dessert". The local edits used were none but i used global edits including clarity and messing with light balance ,The edit was not very much because the original photo was already decent.
before and after category :couples. I used grain making the photo look similar to an old image and the local edits used were spot healing and i rotated and cropped the image . ths part of the story is a couple of friends hiking after breakfast
before and after category : spirals local edits used were gradient, making the image more colorful and i increased brightness. the image was taken in bieber relating this to the part of the story where the friends find a wall in bisbee. i took this photo with phone camera
before and after :category framing this photo was taken with camera phone the local edits were none and i used the brightness
before and after : category micro/macro

below are experimentation photos including the before and after

before editing is a snow globe with christmas lights surrounding for added color
after editing is a snow globe with the Christmas lights edited in Bridge using most of the local and global editing available
Before editing is a picture of a Pitfall with a christmas sweater in natural lighting
Pitbull celebrating the holidays with Christmas sweater edited in Bridge increasing colors and cropping the picture
desert snow ball with after editing increasing the blue in the picture and cropping to the snowball in the glove

photography to me is about how you express yourself in a way you please and create your own rules in a creative way . Photography should mean something different to everyone involved in using photos to express theirselves . A picture speaks a million words ,and that should be different to everyone .

I take pictures in the basic way of using a cell phone and if they usually are nature photos, i don't edit them with filters but i will take advantage of the natural lighting .other photos i take i edit simply in Bridge or just change brightness and coloring balance.

i enjoy photography because it expresses the beauty and individuality in everything surrounding us in our every day lives , it captures something you may miss to be seen forever and gives you the opportunity to change whatever you want

below is an example of two simple photos after i edited them:

photo on the left: edited and used light point directly to the subject only . to exaggerate it i used bridge for editing and lowered the exposure, i increased the shadow to the highest point which showed the light directed to the bottle .(under exposed, Background, this photo was chosen because it was a simple picture and i always have water around me ,therefore i used the bottle as a subject .)

photo on the right: even exposure , i took the photo under a light source while using camera flash . to edit the picture i went under Bridge and increased the white and lighting to 70% and increased shadow to balance the subject. the composition style is rule of thirds .

these photos are the same as above before editing .

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