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Old Grievance is a multifaceted independent music management and production company based out of Portland, OR. We specialize in artist development, mixing & mastering, custom instrumentals, sound design, and marketing for all genres.

Editing & Mixing services are available: * You finished your album but the quality doesn't meet industry standards? Mastering services available! (This will include collective track cohesion + metadata information so it's ready to distribute) … Done * Album still needs artwork/graphics? I’m a natural… * A website to promote your new release/entire catalogue/anything? Yep... * A flyer/business card? Pssh easy… * A film/footage that needs an original score/unique music composition? Done it * A film/footage that needs proper sound design? My element * A film/footage that needs voice overs/dubbing/audio correction? I know someone. * A film/footage needs visual graphics/editing? Still learning/getting better * A day/week in a recording studio w/ producer? Friday, Saturday, or Sunday works * An album you made but would like to make changes/add to it? Piece of cake…

Recording studio owner & Label founder, producer Jacobthewilliam has been working with sound since childhood for his father's rock n roll band who played regularly throughout the late 60’s - early 2000’s. Since then, he has established himself in the world of Pop & hip-hop production having programmed over 1000 beats to date. Work with numerous bands spanned throughout high school & college - many of which included songs written by & performed with multi-instrumentalist jacobthewilliam himself - he has also managed to build up a separate collection of recordings now surpassing 2,000 songs & growing. With too many production credits to remember, his must popular work was freelancing with groups like The Shins, Everclear, & Modest Mouse. Today, his services include tracking, mixing, mastering, songwriting (folk, jazz, traditional styles), and custom instrumentals from programmed material such as hip-hop beats, pop, electronic, or musics involving types of sound synthesis... All the way to "live" instrumentals including stringed instruments and real drums. Basically whatever your style or preference or your desire to create something never heard before, jacobthewilliam is not only capable - he's willing to try new things and explore new galaxies in the musical universe.

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