Objects 2 Submission By Niamh McInally

As part of the Objects 2 brief, I have created an Adobe Spark presentation, which is a 500-word evaluation recognising the strengths and weaknesses of the work I have produced for this block.

Illustrative Confectionary Shot (Studio)

Strengths: I’m very happy with the crisp white background of this illustrative confectionary shot as it makes the product stand out. I also like the combination of the focus on the product with the crisp white background because it clearly shows the Cadbury Milk Tray without there being any distractions.

Weaknesses: I dislike the angle at which I have shot this illustrative confectionary shot because I think it makes the product appear to be tilted. If I was to re-shoot this image again, I would photograph the product at a different angle and perhaps compose it in another way.

Creative Confectionary Shot (Studio)

Strengths: I like the chosen subject matter as I think the colours are eye-catching.

Weaknesses: I really dislike the composition of this image as it is very boring, lazy and lacks creativity, which is very obvious in this shot. I was hoping to achieve a crisp white background in this image, but instead it appears dull and grey, which I also really dislike.

Illustrative Product Shot (Studio)

Strengths: I’m also very happy with the white background of this illustrative product shot as it makes the perfume bottle clearly stand out.

Weaknesses: Although I am pleased with this illustrative product shot, I do think that the background is white enough as there appears to be a tint of grey/yellow.

Creative Product Shot (Studio)

Strengths: I really like the colours and composition of this creative product shot. I like the different shades of pink and the flower petals in this image that creates a feminine touch, which is exactly what I was hoping to achieve for this shot.

Weaknesses: I really dislike the way I have lit this image as I believe the lighting is harsh, which is not the atmosphere I wanted to achieve in this creative product shot.

Complex Product Shot (Location)

Strengths: I really like the composition, colours and textures of this complex product shot. I also really like the subtle highlights and shadows in this image, which I think makes the textures in this shot appear very soft and delicate.

Weaknesses: I dislike the shadow of the perfume bottle that appears at the top left-hand corner of the image because I personally find it distracting.

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