AP(honey) I really want to drop out. I really do.

AP should stand for A PHONY. I really do think I’m wasting my time. I really do. This whole charade is structured poorly. Everyone tells you that AP classes are a great idea. They’re not. I haven’t gone to bed before 1 am all week. I’m having a helluva hard time keeping up. I have lab reports, papers, projects, quizzes, and tests. For chrissake this isn’t good for me. AP is nothing but a money making fraud. AP classes cost a pretty penny to take. Nothing but a scam. Lemont High loves having their students take the hard classes because it “looks nice on a transcript”. You know what really looks nice? The high percentage of students taking AP classes at the school. You know what doesn't look that nice? All the depressed looking students in the hallways. If you saw them you’d have to feel sorry for them. You really would. And it’s only the second week of the semester. Lemont is a good school and all, it really is. But some of the students here have a lot of responsibilities with their courses. Do I want college credit for my classes? Sure I do. AP classes just take up a helluva lot more time than i ever thought they would. Not that it’s anyone’s fault or anything, they just do. The thing is, you have to keep taking these classes in order to compete with other students who want to get into the same phony colleges everyone else does. It's tough on some students. It really is.

The only college I'll get into.

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