Spring break 2k17 by Noel Cody

I went to the beach. i'm not really a beach person so it was o.k.
I mainly listened to music, some nirvana and green day but mainly panic! at the disco.
i got some converses. they have the flash on them. so they're pretty dope.
i got sun burnt. which sucked a lot. they also closed the water too, which was also a bummer.
i started re-watching sherlock.
overall spring break was pretty lowkey.


Created with images by Matthew Paul Argall - "Clouds and the ocean" • Pashi - "beach sand sea" • rarvesen - "Panic! At The Disco performing in Austin, Texas (2017-04-02)" • andrewmalone - "Converse clock" • lwtt93 - "Flying Into The Sun" • bellaphon - "On Location 1f" • wonderferret - "stars"

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