The Hunt By Anand Patel

CEO: Atlanta

CFO: Lasus

Management: bears 1-4

Vice president: Queen Creme

Target dummies management:5-8

At the store The Hunt we sell a variety of hunting weapons from present time guns to old time bow and arrows. We also sell hunting gear, but let's not forget the clothes made from the animals that were hunted by the people using this equipment. If you are not sure what to buy than come to our testing stations where you will get to test out the weapon you want t buy on one of our target dummies management.We have a no return policy!

Things About us

Some things to know about us are that we are named in honor of Atlanta the Greek hero. Our symbol is the bear because that was her sacred animal. Our top selling products right now are the Cremes gun and the King lasus bow. These are named after her so called parents and her husband which is actually her dad. Our store is in the woods because that is where most people hunt and because That is where our hero lived.


We are open 24/7

50%off everything

Come now!

We take great pride in our CEO which is atlanta because of her mith which starts with Atlanta is born, to mysterious parents, but the dad wanting only sons gives up his daughter and leaves her in a forest to die. Fortunately a group of bears adopts her and names hr Atlanta. They generously tend to her every need. While growing up she becomes built up and becomes a great hunter. One day a group of hunters found her in the woods up in a tree. They start to flirt with her, being upset, she shoots an arrow through both of their heads. One day admiring her strength and bravery a guy from a village comes up to her throwing his weapons down and begs her to come on the hunt which during this they would hunt a big monster. During this hunt she made all of the men look bad by slaying the monster while they were all laying on the ground wounded. Later in her life she starts to participate in the olympics. Adiring her athletic skill the king decides to marry her.

Employees Dress Code:

Suit and a tie


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