First Semester Cassidy Knapp

I took advanced art because I enjoy making art. I was excited about learning how to make clay sculptures and larger paintings.

The piece of art I am mot proud of is my owl painting. This was my first larger painting and I am very happy with it. When I first started I changed around the background a lot. I was worried about the colors but found one I liked a lot.

I tried a couple different ways to put snow on the branches. I finally put thick acrylic paint on the branches and I really liked the outcome.

I was really proud of my end result. I feel as if my texture in painting skills grew tremendously during this project.

One project I wish I had more time on is my self-portrait. I wish I was more patient with this project. I worked too fast and did not pay enough attention to detail. If I could go back, I would reflect more often and ask others what would look better.
I feel that the two artistic behaviors I have improved on so far is reflection and problem-solving. In the beginning of the year I would get frustrated and stressed with my art. However, I have came to realize that I need to take a step back and look at my art before I give up.
This was my first project. I gave up on the project too soon because I didn't care for it.
Now, I know I can go back and change things so I feel more confident in my most recent pieces of art.

My biggest goal right now is to make a large clay sculpture. I want to become more familiar with clay and be able to work with it better. I am hoping to make a large, realistic clay owl for my next project. I would also like to do a larger painting than my owl painting. I want to work with creating realistic paintings. I want to paint either animals or landscapes.

In conclusion, I am working on a project to help with my future goals.

My first adventure with clay is a pinch-pot owl.

I am trying different things for the wings and eyes to see what I like for when I go to make my large owl sculpture.

I will be trying different colors on the owl to make it look kind of antique-ish. Hopefully, I like something and will know what to do for my sculpture.

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