Letter to Mission Ridge Supporters Thank you for your support

Dear Mission Ridge Friends, Family, & Valued Customers

We need you to act now. Comments are due this week to both the USFS and Chelan County!

The review process continues to move forward with Chelan County and the United States Forest Service and we are optimistic about getting closer to final approval. Our revised application for the expansion is now in a public comment period once again and we strongly encourage you to express your personal reasons for supporting this project.

Below are a few key points that we have highlighted during conversations about this project that you may find useful in your letters and comments to Chelan County and the USFS:

The existing Mission Ridge Ski and Board Report has been a part of the Wenatchee Valley Community for over 50 years. The Mission Ridge Expansion will provide new recreational opportunities for local and visiting outdoor enthusiasts that the current resort is unable to offer due to site limitations. This includes:
  • Improved access and terrain for beginning skiers
  • Nordic skiing and snowshoe trails and improved back-country access
  • Overnight accommodations
  • Non-skiing activities to engage the whole family, such as hiking and biking trails
  • Commercial uses such as shops, restaurants, and entertainment for the entire family
Of the 502 acres, 70% will be left as open space; reports have been provided to the county to show that any adverse impacts to the environment are adequately mitigated.
This project will create jobs, boost our local economy, and improve the quality of life for locals.
The long term sustainability of Mission Ridge will be secure with the approval of this expansion.
Outdoor recreationalists of all types will benefit with improvements to access and updates to the existing ski area infrastructure.
The Mission Ridge Expansion Master Plan Resort meets all the general requirements as outlined in Chelan County Code 11.89.040 for a Master Planned Resort.

The Mission Ridge Expansion has been designed to enhance and diversify recreational and economic opportunities in Chelan County. We have worked diligently within the community to develop a Master Planned Resort that complements the natural and cultural attractiveness of the area without significant adverse effects to the environment or historic and cultural resources. Supplemental reports have already been produced outlining how these goals are being met. Since its inception in 1966, Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort has been providing exceptional outdoor recreation opportunities to Chelan County residents and visitors alike. This project is designed to complement the existing ski area in this endeavor while also developing additional recreational opportunities, accommodations and amenities that will make the Mission Ridge experience even more memorable. It will consist of five phases and is expected to build out over a 20 year timeframe.

This project has tremendous community support, however it is essential that everyone's voice be heard in order to move this project forward successfully. We appreciate your support and thank you in advance for any comments that you may provide. A project narrative is attached to this email to provide you with more details on the proposal.

Thank you for your support!

Josh Jorgensen

Mission Ridge, General Manager

For additional information on this project please visit the project website: http://bit.ly/MR-Expansion or contact: expansion@missionridge.com or call Josh at 509-888-9402


Chelan County Public Review and Comment Period: PUBLIC COMMENT ON THIS PROPOSAL IS ENCOURAGED, and no action will be taken on the project until the Agency comment period ends on March 30, 2020 at 5pm. Comments must include your name, current address, and should be as specific as possible.


Submit your supportive comments to the USFS via their public comment page for the project here: https://cara.ecosystem-management.org/Public//CommentInput?Project=53981 comment period ends 3/27/2020.