Educreations A Tool for Everyone

Educreations is one of the best apps for beginners to create online video lessons. This program records your voice and anything you are writing or drawing on the screen and saves it as a video. These lessons are saved into your Educreations account, where you decide you can view them. Images from the web, pictures taken with the camera, documents and drawings can all be incorporated into these video lessons. Educreations works on an iPad and online but it works best on iPads. To create lessons the teacher will only need one iPad. After the lessons are created, they can be viewed on computers, chrome books, tablets or phones. Educreations is one app you can download and start using with very little instruction.

This lesson is geared to using an iPad to create Educreations lessons. First go to the Apple App Store and download the app to your iPad. Sign up for an account within the app. Teachers and Students can also sign up online. This account will work on the iPad and online.

Sign in

Create or Log in to Educreations using your gmail account. Once you are registered click on the + to create a class. Name the class, subject, grade and click save. Click on the name of the class and you will see the student code.

Classes and Class Codes

Click on the single silhouette on the left side of the screen, to go to the lessons page. Then click on the + sign on the top left of the window to start a new lesson.

Classes and Lessons

To add pictures, documents, text or drawings to each page use the + sign on the top right of the page. This will open the tool window. Click on a tool you want to us. To write on a page click on the pen and color and simply write on the screen.


To make more pages click on the > on the bottom right of the screen. Make your pages and add resources, before starting the recordings. To start the recordings press the Mic. To pause the recording click on the pause sign ( ll ).

Adding pages and recording

To see how to make a Educreations video view the clip below. The tools are not shown in the completed video.

To select an object to move or resize it, click on the hand icon and then on the object. To delete a recording, drawing or page click on the eraser next to the pen.

resizing and erasing

After completing the video, click on the Pause symbol ( II ) to stop the recording. Click on the play button to bring up the editor. After using the editor press Done.

Stop or pause video

With the editor, the end of the video can be trimmed down and more video added.


When you have completed your video, click the box with an arrow . Your project can be saved as a draft or saved as the final video . Using the class codes, students can log in and view the lessons or you can post then into Google Classroom or email them to your students.

Saving to Lessons
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