My favorite place. Ameland

What is my favorIte place?

My favorite place is ameland. Ameland is a wadeisland. Ameland conisits of four villages: Hollum,Ballum, Nes and Buren. My favorite villages are Hollum and Ballum.

What is there to do?

You can visit the lighthouse, the mill, the beaches, you can also do Horse riding on the beach, you can eat pancakes at the pancakehouse. Or you can eat Fish and mussels in the griffel or you can eat at the boerderij in Ballum. What you also can do is riding on a bike throug the dunes,or you can go skydiving in Ballum and swiming.

Here a video about AmelAnd

Can you shopping on ameland? Yes!

Yes! You can shopping on ameland! You can buy souvenirs or food.

Why is ameland my favorite place?

Ameland is my favorite place because it is very Nice! You can swim in the sea, and walk by the wood, and more!

This was my presentation!

Come you also to ameland ?

Made by Stella.


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