George Washington By: shreya Mahajan

George Washington would make a great leader for our new country because he was the person who fought for our independence from England. He created a system where the government was in control yet all citizens still have certain rights known as the Bill of Rights

General George Washington

His cabinet members would benefit our government because every person in his cabinet may have a disagreement to help figure out which is best for all the citizens and they are great for their positions.

George Washington and his cabinet

Some of the cabinet members such as Jefferson and Hamilton have a lot of disagreements and George Washington thought it was good to get information from both members of different lifestyles because Jefferson is from the South which is mostly country and Hamilton is from the North which is mostly city.

Hamilton and Jefferson

The Elastic Clause is necessary for our new country because it is important that Congress can protect us for our benefits to live in a better place with better benefits than other places. It is not violating the constitution because it can help with certain matters.

To help our country start off fresh we will need to be respectful of other countries so we wont get into another war. So it is necessary to pay off all our debt immediately.


Washington D.C. is a great location for the capital because it is near the Atlantic Ocean where most of the traders pass through. All people who enter our new country has to pass Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.


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