Tsunami: what makes it a natural disaster? by: bo wood

What makes a tsunami a natural disaster?

A tsunami is a huge wave that can be as tall as 100 ft. It flows though cites, islands, or places the have water by them. It can be cause by other natural disaster, such as earthquakes, tropical storm, volcano, and more. What makes a tsunami a natural? When sceincest see that the water is heavier they send a tsunami warnning, but the water has to be ALOT heavier.

a tsunami might be coming!

What makes a tsunami a disaster?

A tsunami is a natural disaster because it can kill people, destroy homes, and brake crucial things. A tsunami hit in 2004 and killed 230,000 people and kids. When it hit it didn´t just kill 230,000 people it completly destroyed the town leaving nothing.

A tsunami hit the land

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