Indus River Valley By Eleanor Krause


"You Will Have Fun, Guaranteed"

The Indus River starts in the Himalayas, flows through Pakistan, and empties into the Arabian Sea.

-What's Nearby-

The Indus River is North and Northwest of the Thar Dessert, with the Western Ghats just South of that.

The Indus River Valley gets about 5-20 inches of rain each year while the weather is beautiful at the temperatures 65°F to 90°F
5 Reasons To Settle

1. The Fresh water for drinking and farming comes from the melting Glaciers in the Hindu Kush Mountains.

2. The Indus River carries silt leaving rich and fertile soil because we grow lucious plants for meals and for trade.

3. This ravishing river is compared to the one and only Nile which is a good thing because the Nile is legendary due to its fresh water, transportation, and perfect soil for crops

4. You will have weights and scales to measure crops and other necessities that you can use for trading purpose

5. Families have hang out spots where the kids can play board games so yell "FAMILY GAME NIGHT"


I have the worlds largest crops because of this river-Billy That No One Knows

It's really knarly I guess-surfer dude that wants to be at the Nile

It's amazing compared to other places-tourist


Created with images by reh navard e shoq - "Skardu Outskirts" • sarangib - "brahminy kite haliastur indus red-backed" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Flooding near Kashmor, Pakistan August 2010" • t3rmin4t0r - "Zanskar Indus confluence" • krishanu_seal - "Indus River"

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