Kenneth's HASS Journal LA15

Tasmanian Colony

Until about 65,000 years ago there were no humans on Tasmania or on the Australia "mainland". From north, the first boat people gradually spread around other continents until they arrived in Tasmania around 45,000 years ago. The first humans to arrive in Tasmania were the descendants from Asia who took advantage of lower sea levels during the recent Ice age. To travel across the narrow stretch of water that then separated northern Australia from what is now Indonesia.

Settled in 1803, Tasmania used to be a colony with the United Kingdom until the government decided to join it with the other 5 Australian states to form the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. It is now known as Van Diemen's land, the name changed to Tasmania when the British Parliament granted the colony responsible self-government from 1856.

Inquiry questions:

What did the descendants do in Tasmania when they arrived on the land?:

The first descendants to arrive in Tasmania roamed from place to place hunting animals for food. They also hunted for insects which they ate as well. They didn't engage with farming or building.

What was happening in Tasmania when there were no people lived on the land?

Animals ruled the land when there was no humans on the mainland of Tasmania. Such as dinosaurs and marsupials.

Tasmanian timeline

In 1642, an explorer named Abel Tasman sighted Tasmanian mainland, he was born on 1603 in Lutjegast, Netherlands. He died in 10 October 1659.

151 years later, (1793) explorer Bruni d'Entrecasteaux surveyed the Derwent area, which he then named Riviere du Nord. Bruni d'Entrecasteaux was born on 8 November 1737, at Aix-en-Provence, France.

10 years later, (1803) the first European settlement of Tasmania at Risdon Cove was established, and was named after Hobart.

1 year later, (1804) soldiers refused guard duties at Risdon because of the fear of the convict rebellion; to the fear of convict rebellion; Aborigine people was mistakenly killed by soldiers in Risdon, settlement abandoned. Months later, Colonel William Paterson then established Port Dalrymple (Tamar River) settlement, at first George Town, then at York Town. 8 years later, (1812) the first convicts from England arrived in Tasmania and started sighting.

(1825) Tasmania separated from New South Wales as an independent colony also Richmond Bridge, Australia's oldest existing bridge, opened.

(1900) Macquarie Island became Tasmanian dependency. First elections for Federal Parliament held, Mount Lyell fire trapped miners underground, 42 killed. 1914-1918 is when World War 1 happened.

(1916) Worst rail disaster in Tasmania occurred after Launceston-Hobart express crashed near Campania, driver and six passengers killed. State's first national parks declared at Mount Field and Freycinet.

Swan river colony

Who started the Swan River Colony?

The MaN who started the swan river colony was captain charles freemantle on the 2nd of may 1829.

Why did they start they start the Swan river Colony?

The Swan River Colony was a British Colony and was established because France wanted to take over the place where the Swan Colony was being made. The only way the British Empire could save their land was to start the Swan River Colony.

When did WA become a colony?

WA became a colony on the 11th Of November 1889.

Swan River Timeline

(1829) The colony for Western Australia established at Perth by captain James Stirling. Swan river was declared for Britain.

(1832) Captain Sir James Stirling elected the first governor and commander of Western Australia.

(1877) Telegraph from Albany to Perth completed.

(1887) A cyclone struck the pearling fleet at Ninety Mile Beach and caused 140 kills.

(1895) Kings Park opened

(1897) Fremantle Harbour opened

(1901) Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria gathered together to form the Commonwealth of Australia.

(1912) Cyclone crossed the coast west of Balla Balla, which claimed 150 lives.

(1939-1945) World War II began

The Future

If we find an alien planet or a new country with people living on it, we shouldn't disturb it because it might cause Wars or fights. We should put other people's rights higher than ours because of the way we treated them in the past.

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