Syria Revolution Stormie Prettyman 2nd hour

Incubation Stage

The death of the ruler of Syria Bashar Al-Assad there was no more peace between the two countries of Syria and Isis. The Syrians did not have a ruler and the peace that they had soon faded away. Isis wanted more land than they already had taken over and Syria's army was not as strong and it was easy for them to attack.

Systematic Sage

Isis started sending threats and sending people over to Syria with bombs and death notes. they also were sending spy's over to find out what they were planing on doing to fight back so they would be ready. Families that wanted protection started selling their daughter to Isis. Syria did not have a strong army so they had to do what ever it took to fight back.

The Crisis Stage

Isis attacked Syria with no hesitation and they started kidnapping the women and the children. The three girls in the picture was taken and sold to 23 different men by the time they were 10. The young lady was 16 when she was taken by a group of men and she was beaten and was left there to die in a abounded house. The women in the last picture was taken and held captive and was beaten and raped by many different guys. Girls as young as 2 years old were sold to guys. each girls would be sold for $1000 each and many of the girls would be sold more than once.

The Syrian still want justice and they are all going on strike because the new ruler is still have not gave them freedom from wars and the Isis people are still trying to attack them and the army that they have is not that strong. People are still supporting Isis and they are still selling and taking women and teens for sex. Syria wants is a good leader and peace.


Created with images by Roger Blackwell - "Kurdish people protest against the Turkiish government at Hay Hill, Norwich"

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