Self Exhibit 2 Mind and Body wellness

In my time here as a Clemson student, I have been taught countless things, but only some of which I actually found to be "real life applicable." And many of those lessons came from activities we did in my CU1010 class. One thing that I have definitely learned through my college experience is that I really need to take care of myself. I would really like to elaborate more on what I mean by "take care of myself" because that can have many different applications and I would like to touch on each of them a little bit. I mean that in many ways and not to sound self-centered, but I need to look out for myself, my health, my state of mind and well-being because nobody can do that for me.

It is no secret that I am on academic probation, not just for the first time, but this is my second time on probation. There were many factors that led me to end up on probation .. again. I would come home from class, not do any homework, watch tv, take a nap, eat and drink way too much with friends and do absolutely nothing productive. And honestly, that's how I started off this semester as well. But fortunately, this semester I took a few easier classes and was sort of able to keep up with all of my work. Then we got deeper into our in-class talks and material on how to study and manage our time. Which was a big lesson for me.

About a quarter of the way through this semester, I realized that I needed to get myself together, quit messing around, and start making the grades I need. A very persuasive talk from my parents also contributed to this decision. So Immediately I began looking for ways to improve my habits, study more often, make an agenda every week and in turn, improve my grades in order to get off of probation. I went about this by of course trying harder academically, but also it feels like I have adopted a whole new state of mind. Its really weird, I actually have something driving me to get good grades now (that's getting off of probation). Part of this new mindset was that I was going to start taking better care of myself, and focusing more on me and my health and getting good grades.

This is a picture of the Santee Cooper dam in Moncks Corner. I run down the dike twice a week.

You may be wondering what physical health has to do with my academic success, so Ill tell you. I way cut back on drinking, began an awful diet (which is good for me but tastes awful), cut out going out with friends as often, and many other totally unnecessary unproductive activities. Now instead of going home and being lazy, watching tv, and sleeping, I began using my spare time much more to my advantage. I started exercising, jogging, then coming back home to start something healthy for dinner and while dinner was cooking I would work on homework. Sounds much more normal and productive doesn't it? Well not only have I lost a little weight and become a little more physically fit, I feel like I have more energy to make it through the day without taking any naps. I also feel a good bit of stress relief as well. Its like the kind of stress relief where I know I don't have to worry about myself anymore, only the tasks that I'm faced with I need to focus on. Like I said, I have a whole new energy boost, my academic success has skyrocketed, and I just simply feel better and more productive in all aspects of my life.

I prefer to run in suburban areas, away from people and traffic. This is The Strawberry Train Trussel in Cordesville, SC that I run to quite often as well.

Where I stand now, compared to where I was two months ago, I feel like a brand new man. I am more physically fit, I do not have any grades below a "C", and I come home and am just able to relax because I don't have all the bad grades and headaches from my old habits. Even though exercise isn't all that relaxing, its still better than worrying about failing a class because I was out drinking the night before the final. Needless to say, I haven't done that this semester. Another fun fact that is quite encouraging to me, is that I have been in college for four years already and have never passed every single class in one semester. Like if I'm taking fifteen hours, I would only pass 12. Never in my college career have I passed all the credit hours I registered for. Well this semester, I am on track to change that, I am enrolled in fifteen hours, my lowest overall grade is a seventy-seven, and I am excited about that! All in all, I contribute much of my academic success to taking care of myself; my mind and my body in particular. The lifestyle changes are real, and have greatly impacted my spring 2017 semester and daily life in a positive way.

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