Finally Finished - WV Missionaries' 16 Year Bible Translation WV Film crew to document Bible dedication - May 25-28

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A Formerly Unwritten Language

One less "unreached" tribe.

Missionaries Jack and Suzie Russell took their children Joshua and Emily with them to Bolivia 25 years ago. Next month, they are celebrating a major milestone in their work. After 16 years of translation, the world's first Simba Guaraní Bibles are finally printed, and ready to be distributed.

WV Missionaries Jack and Suzie Russell on the mountain road to the remote Bolivian village where they worked for 16 years. The village - named Taperillas - roughly translates "Cross Lanes"

On May 25th -28th in Taperillas, Bolivia, there will be a special dedication of the very first copies of the Simba Guaraní Bible. The mission team will present the Simba Guaraní people with the Word of God in their Hearts' language.

Jack Russell in our fundraising video:

The missionaries, Jack and Suzie Russell, have asked their son Joshua Russell, along with a small team of WV film-makers from Mountain Craft Productions, to produce a high-quality video documenting the Bible dedication.

The film-crew on a recent production. From Left to Right, Ben Berry, Justin Litton, & Joshua Russell

The film-team plans to interview the Simba team on this special occasion - to capture the moment when the people first receive their Bibles, and to capture what the missionaries' work and the new Bible mean to the Simba people, in their own words.

A call for support

The Russells and the film-team are asking for donations to help fund their production in Bolivia. With the generous donations of your viewers, this team will produce videos to show the faithful supporters of the Russell family's work over the years the fruits of their labor.

The World's First Simba Guaraní Bible, finally in print in 2017. There are over 1900 tribes worldwide that still do not have the Bible in their own language.

The Russells hope their story will be a challenge to call future missionaries to the field, to bring the Word to the thousands of yet unreached people-groups. This project will also give the Russell's and their missionary team a powerful tool for raising continued support as they carry on in their work with the Simba Guaraní.

As a previously unwritten language, Jack Russell compiled the Simba Guaraní dictionary "from scratch." While the missionaries have created many educational and other written materials over the years as their grasp of the language developed, there is a continuing need for the development of further written material to support the education, empowerment and economic development of the Simba people.

It's not every day there's a chance to document the moment when the Word of God is put in the hands of a new group of people for the first time. We are honored to have been presented with this opportunity!

Please donate and help us make it happen.

Donations can be made on our crowd-funding page here:

Joshua's church - Bancroft Church of God Mission - is accepting donations for the film project - checks can be sent to: P.O. Box 213, Bancroft WV, 25011

All donations are tax-deductible

Joshua's Vision

Missionary kid and "global nomad" Joshua Russell, the film project coordinator, has formerly worked at the CW, WSAZ, WOWK, and WCHS. He is currently beginning the application process to form a 501c3 non-profit multimedia production agency - Moonfire Media.

With Moonfire, Joshua hopes to create professional multimedia content for other non-profits and good causes, at no cost to them. He also hopes to use Moonfire to produce educational content, free under Creative Commons for translators and educators to use in development projects around the world.

Joshua Russell with one of his Simba friends who had just caught a baby deer for a pet.
In the Simba Guaraní language, their word for "stars” translates as "Moon fires." At night there, you can see the stars with no light pollution at all. I spent countless nights as a child camping out under that incredible light show.
Long Exposure photo by Joshua Russell
I find the stars to be among the most beautiful sights in all creation, and watching them is endlessly entertaining. Studying them reveals incredible knowledge about our universe, and about our creator. Since men have been telling stories, they have been using the stars as inspiration, creating rich mythologies and memorializing their heroes in the constellations. Knowing the stars enabled early explorers to navigate the unknown, and our own star, the sun, is essential for the existence of all of our lives.

Being raised between a mission boarding school in the desert, the home in the remote village where his parents worked, and the United States every four years or so for "furlough," Joshua encountered a cross-section of incredible stories. He witnessed the struggles of the poorest people on earth, the efforts of those who have dedicated their lives to helping them, the networks of organizations facilitating these efforts, and the fortunate men and women in a position to support them.

A Simba Guaraní Girl on the porch of the Russell's former house in Taperillas - the house was donated to the community last year.

There are so many people working to make a difference in the world. Theirs are stories that deserve to be told, but unfortunately, many of them are held back, their great potential is unrealized, because they are unable to afford the significant expense of effectively communicating their needs to the supporters essential to their success.

Enter Joshua's vision for Moonfire Media - a non-profit organization using beautiful, effective videography to tell stories that matter. Moonfire welcomes digital media specialists, marketing consultants, photographers, writers and film-makers who want to use their skill and experience to make the world a better place. Like the stars, Moonfires will entertain, educate, and aide in telling great stories.

We think it's unfair to expect translators, teachers and doctors to also be marketing geniuses. Instead, Moonfire Media wants to let them focus on their work, while we navigate the creative waters.

That's the mission, and the only way to make it happen is with your support.

Please, be a part of the Moonfire story:

Together, we'll make an epic constellation


Joshua Russell


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Joshua Russell


Images by Jack, Suzie, & Joshua Russell

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