Mountain View Adventist College Newsletter- week 2 Term 1

From the Principal's Desk

Dear families and friends

Where will your child be in 2030? An interesting question as 2030 seems so far away, but that is when our current Year 1 students will graduate. What will the world be like in 2030? What skills will your child need? More and more it is the ‘soft skills’ of communication, team work, problem solving and creativity that are the focus of future work along with an attitude of resilience.

As Zig Ziglar identified, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” This is true in sport, in life and at school. It is an attitude of “giving it your best” that counts, not just the abilities that we are born with, and it is this attitude that we seek to develop in our students at Mountain View Adventist College.

I invite you to work in partnership with us as we share a learning journey – a journey that is about learning more than facts.

A learning journey that doesn’t just transport students from one year to another.

A learning journey that transforms each child as they give learning “their best”.

Mrs Julia Heise


Congratulations to Naomi Benjamin and Akano Amuda who both achieved Band 6’s in their 2018 HSC exams. Akano achieved in the top 10% of the state in PDHPE and Legal Studies and is studying law this year. Naomi achieved in the top 10% in Ancient History and emphasised the importance of independent study at home when speaking to our students in the Convocation Chapel at the beginning of the year.

Convocation Chapel

January 30 saw our inaugural Convocation Chapel where the whole school came together to commence the year with God. As Junior, Middle and Senior School students and staff were dedicated and encouraged to uphold the values of the College, there was a positive spirit of community and belonging.

Mountain View Bush Tucker

With the new year came a new syllabus for Agriculture. Since we are required to grow and use native plants in cooking, Year 7 decided to plant a Bush Tucker Garden. The Year 7 Agriculture students were busy today relocating our garden beds. A lot of dirt was moved by bucket and shovel. It was hot, dirty work and they loved it! We now have a variety of native, edible plants growing at Mountain View! Thanks for your hard work, Year 7!

Meet the Teacher

Don't forget that our Meet the Teacher program will be on this Monday 11 February at 6pm. Come along and have a light dinner and refreshments with us!

Year 11 Information Night

Parents are encouraged to come along to the Year 11 Information Night. Please see details below.

Mountain View Messages

New Fence and Gates

We have installed a new fence inside the College that runs the length of the property. The purpose of the fence is to direct students that are late to school and all visitors into the Admin Office whilst restricting general access to the school grounds. This fence will provide an extra layer of security and stop any passers-by from wondering onto school grounds and into our student areas. The new gates will be locked between 9 am and 3:10pm. The carline gates (the drive way closest to Doonside Station) will open at 2:40pm each afternoon.

An additional gate has been added to our front fence near the corner of Doonside and Eastern Roads. This gate will only be open in the afternoon from 2:40pm and will provide easier access to cross the road at this intersection.

Security Cameras

We have installed an extensive security camera system throughout the College. We would like to advise that anyone entering onto the College grounds will be recorded by the camera system. The College will view, review and keep recordings taken by the system as it deems necessary. Recordings will be kept in electronic form for a duration that the College deems required. Recordings may be passed onto third parties (including but not limited to the Police, Courts of Law and Insurers to name a few) as the College deems necessary. We ask that you advise your child/ren of the new camera system in operation so that they too are aware of the camera installation.

We take the safety of your children, our staff and our visitors seriously and these additions to our College only serve to enhance that safety. We thank God for His continual protection over our College.

Should you wish to discuss any of these matters, please feel free to contact me via email (craig.dwyer@mvac.adventist.edu.au) or by phone on 9622 2424.

School Fees

The School Fees have been generated for and you should receive these in the mail over the next week. We appreciate your attention to this matter and finalising your account as soon as possible. Remember early payment discounts apply when paid by the Early Payment Date.

From the Junior School

Yr 2-12 Swimming Carnival: If you child is in Yr 2-4 and can competently swim 50m and would like to attend the Yr 2-12 Swimming Carnival, which will take place in week 6 of this term please email Mrs. Kofeloa to let her know. Email: Keryn.Kofeloa@mvac.adventist.edu.au

Carline: Family cards are being made up and sent home. These cards – which have your family name and child/ren’s names on it need to be displayed on your dashboard. This will help the Teacher’s in carline identify your car quickly and call your child down to be waiting for you when you pull up at a numbered station. If you do not receive a family carline sign, please email Mrs. Kofeloa via: Keryn.Kofeloa@mvac.adventist.edu.au

After School Sport: Will take place this term. This program is for students in Yr 1-6. Mrs. Kofeloa is just waiting for confirmation from the sporting company. Once confirmation is received, Information notes will be sent home to Yr 1-6 students.

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