ARGENTINA BueNos aires

The capital or Argentina is Buenos Aires. It is located in South America.

The gaucho is on the right

Traditional Argentina clothes are gaucho clothes for males and brightly colored dresses for women. Of all the traditional costumes of Argentina, gaucho clothes are the most well known. the dress that the women wear is similar to what one might expect to see in the United States just more colorful. Normally thought they dress just like Americans do.

Argentina has four seasons: winter (June–August), spring (September–November), summer (December–February) and autumn (March–May), all featuring different weather conditions. They have the same weather as as for the most part they are just opposite from us because they are on the south side of the equator.

The Argentina flag has to light blue rectangles and one white one. The colors are supposed to represent the blue sky parting to reveal white clouds. It was first used in 1812 during Argentinas war for independence. When it was first made there was not a sun in the middle. After the war they adopted it as their country's flag and then added the sun to it and it represents the sun of May. Also for ceremonies they raise the original flag below the current one.

Two of the traditional food in Argentina are the empanadas. They are kind of like rolls but they are stuffed with beef or other meats and then other spices and stuff like that. The second one is called an asado. Compared to us it is like a huge barbecue with lots of different meats. But for them it is more of a social event, cultural tradition, and it gives them a sense of national pride.

Right now the official population of Argentina is 43,847,277 people. Also around 85% of the people are from European decent.

In Argentina the kind of money that they use is a peso. In U.S dollars there is about 16 pesos to one U.S dollar.

This is the Argentina government symbol. It is called the liberty pole.

In Argentina they have a government very similar to the United States. It is called a presidential representative democratic republic. The president is at the head of the government. They also have three branches of government like us. But the judicial branch is independent from the legislative and executive branches.

This is Mauricio Macri Argentinas current president.

Argentina was first explored in 1516 by Juan Diaz de Solis a Spanish explorer. The first city there Beunos Aires was settled in 1580. It was under Spanish rule until 1810 when they wanted to be a free country and declared there independence from Spain. The war lasted for 8 years until Argentina got their independence.

In Argentina the two most popular languages that most the country speaks are Spanish and English. Besides those there are many other languages but only small amounts of people speak them.

In Argentina it is estimated that around 90% of the people are some kind of Christian religion. Although only 20% attend religious meeting regularly. The two main religions are Roman Catholic and Catholic.

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