how do we celebrate sacred heart at kincoppal rose bay

At Kincoppal Rose Bay, the Sacred Heart is a big part of the school's culture and history. Over the years we have created various traditions and celebrations that honour the Sacred Heart.

sacred heart day

Sacred Heart Day is an annual celebration that Kincoppal Rose Bay participates in. On Sacred Heart Day we spread the Cor Unum (which means 'One Heart') and Sacred Heart spirit. It is a time for the students to celebrate the Sacred Heart by dressing up in red and white clothes. The day consists of a morning mass, assembly, many stalls and games, and a choreographed whole school dance. Sacred Heart Day is one of the main celebrations of the Sacred Heart in the school, as we take part in activities that recognise the Sacred Heart community. It is a day where we all come together as a united school community and acknowledge the wonderful Sacred Heart society.


On the day before Sacred Heart Day the boarders and year twelve parents take part in a ceremony in honour of the Sacred Heart and Cor Unum called the 'Procession of Lanterns'. They all walk around the school holding lanterns (handmade cones with candles placed inside them). This Kincoppal tradition has been carried throughout the years and has changed over the years. For example, all boarders used to make the lanterns every year, but, now they recycle the old homemade ones and only make five lanterns each year to add to the collection. The Procession of the Lanterns plays a large part of the Sacred Heart Day preparation and is an important event in the school calendar.

mass and liturgies

At Kincoppal Rose Bay we participate in many masses and liturgies that acknowledge and celebrate the Sacred Heart. Masses and liturgies allow time for us to be with our hearts and minds which at KRB is very important. The masses and liturgies that are held here at Kincoppal Rose Bay celebrate the Society of the Sacred Heart. We hold mass on significant days such as Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat’s Feast Day. During the Mass, we invite the priest from Rose Bay Church to lead us in our school prayer. We also acknowledge other students’ achievement such as in Celebration of Achievement which is held on the last day of the school year.


At KRB we take and share photos that creates memories and spread awareness. Kincoppal Rose Bay likes to keep these memories to show what it is like to be a Sacred Heart student and be educated in a Sacred Heart school.

the leadership team

There are many leadership roles that have an influence and help promote Sacred Heart spirit. Some of these leaders are the Cor Unum leaders, Social Justice leaders, Wellness Leaders, Head Girls and many more. The leaders at KRB help celebrate the Sacred Heart as they organise activities and promote the Sacred Heart giving us more knowledge and understanding about what it is.

Although you don't need to have a special badge or title to define whether or not you can be a leader. Everyone is a leader and can be a role model at Kincoppal and anyone can take the initiative to encourage Cor Unum spirit and the Sacred Heart values to the rest of the school. It can be a simple as creating a fundraiser to raise awareness for a charity. This is just one way you can be a leader that shows Sacred Heart spirit.

Cor unum awards and silk pendants

In Barat Burn, Cor Unum awards are handed out to students who show ‘cor unum’ spirit. Cor Unum is a latin phrase that means, ‘one heart’. This phrase is promoted by the school because the Society of the Sacred Heart wants all people to be united by the one heart, the Sacred Heart. The Cor Unum spirit is to demonstrate one of the five Sacred Heart goals. These five goals demonstrate what it is like to be a Sacred Heart student. In order to receive a Cor Unum award, you need to have 5 sacred heart stamps on the class chart. Silk pendants are given to those who have received the maximum of 5 Cor Unum awards and 25 stamps. These are extremely special and difficult to receive. A Silk Pendant recipient must embody the Sacred Heart student and has achieved the five goals throughout the course of the year.

symbols around the school

At Kincoppal Rose Bay we have many Cor Unum or Sacred Heart symbols around the school. We acknowledge and remember the Sacred Heart through these symbols every time we see them. As a school of the Sacred Heart these memorials are very important to us.


Kincoppal Rose Bay is involved in exchange with other schools of the Sacred Heart. KRB is one of the network of schools in the Society of the Sacred Heart. There are 44 different countries that have schools of the Sacred Heart. Exchange programs are run at Kincoppal Rose Bay to build a loving community and stronger connections to unite and create one stronger and unified Sacred Heart. As a celebration of having such a global community from countries all around the world - we take part in an exchange program with these other schools to embrace our connections with other Sacred Heart schools.

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