Ritual Trance Dance Facilitators TRAINING, EUROPE, FALL 2016


" Trance Dance is a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana - together stimulating a 'trance' state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being. " - Wilbert Alix

These Ritual Trance Dance photos were not taken during this training.


The Trance Dance Facilitator Training Program is a 10 day (72 hours) professional training retreat designed to prepare you to conduct a Ritual Trance Dance Program. In this training you will study the mystical, scientific and psychological significance of various states of trance as healing tools and directly explore the Ritual (blindfold) Trance Dance technique. Included in this training is also ritual experiences in Soul Hunting, Rites Of Passage, The Ancestors Walk and more.

Due to the extensive experiential nature of this 10-day training previous experience in Ritual Trance Dance is a plus but not absolutely required. What is required is proven maturity, previous training in a psychology based and/or other spiritual transformation related modality, experience as a wellness teacher or facilitator and a willingness to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness directly. This program is designed to train facilitators as well as persons interested in its initiatory (transformational) value. Attendance is open to persons 30 years of age and older. An application process is required before being accepted into this training.

In this document we will guide you through the training experience using the words (testimonials) of a recent 2016 training group in Europe. Training students & staff in attendance were from Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, UK and the USA. NOTE: All of our trainings are taught in the English language.


Student Testimonials

“Very thought provoking and intense. I learned a lot about myself.”

“It was good, it was substantial, I feel I have a solid basis for facilitating. “

“ It´s way beyond words can express, it has been overwhelming, full of depth. It has touched me so dearly and so deeply I feel I am a different person.”

“ I really enjoyed the training. It was a good mix of learning about the mechanics of the practice and experiencing the transformational impact of Ritual Trance Dance directly. I felt the growth and evolution in both my mind and my heart. I felt my receptivity to the language used of my inner voice increase in fluency.”

“ I really appreciated the space that was given to integrate what was happening. "

“ A life changer… a real tool for growth and change.”

“ Was really enriching, allowed me to deepen my spiritual development and learn about subjects of great interest.”

“ To conduct this training was a massive commitment for all of those leading and supporting it, and I am humbled by their skill and love, commitment and consideration that was evident throughout. “

“Very well thought out.”

“ Thank you for this contribution to my life and to the world. "

“Really needed the stretch - I had no idea that this was to be… how and what shamanic rituals are … years ago this would have been very scary for me. I just feel ready this time… I wanted to shake up my perceptions… challenge myself… to grow and I really felt this. The Soul Hunting I feel was an integral part of this training… Thank you.”


Student Testimonials

“Wilbert for me is a great teacher, a master, he teaches with his soul and heart and this passes easily to the participants.”

“ It is very hard to express in words, much like the nature of the universe. Wilbert is generous with his knowledge, clear in his communication of complex concepts, sincere in his life long pursuit of truth and love, unafraid to challenge when required, continually practicing the principles of shamanism in real time, deeply committed to the process of what he is doing. It has been an absolute honor to learn from Wilbert.”

“ He says about himself he is a teacher, but for me he is the MASTER, The MENTOR who guided me through this whole inner journey. I felt completely secure, trust and open in this journey guided by him. I love his ethics and real interest in helping me without interfering with my rhythm, with judging. He was like the perfect catalyst for my transformational process. I feel Wilbert serving me with his stillness.”

“Knowledgable, grounded and so much more, thank you for making me confront myself. “

“ A Good teacher, he´s thought a lot about what he has to say, not afraid to think outside of convention and to press the buttons that come with that. Also respectful and non-judging of people.”

“ I appreciated the ethics of course - and stress on that, loved the humor, made me feel safe, the fact that the space is given for self reflection - Very appreciated. “


Luísa Paula Pereira & Eva Grace Wolfram

Student Testimonials

“ Luisa and Eva have been unwavering pillars of support and knowledge. As a team they have all been truly astounding role models and have brought themselves fully to this experience. “

“ Luisa and Eva were inspiring and a true support for the group.”

“ I love that they were always supportive and open to help. I also liked this secure feeling they sent me, which made me open and more trusting. Transparency, non-judgmental, support, joy, kindness.”

“ You were like a safety net ! Thank you so much. Love, gentle, kind, present when needed.”

“Friendly & open, helpful and available.”

“Felt really supported by program staff - very knowledgable. “

“ Lovely…supportive… really appreciated the fact that they were present in every class…I felt they were part of the process…"


Student Testimonials

“ Beautiful fresh tasty food! “

“ The food was abundant and very supportive of the practices we were doing.”

“ The team preparing the food put so much love and intention into every meal. It varied continually and used a full spectrum of flavors.

“ Great surprises, sushi evening, fish wonderfully cooked, seafood rice.”

“ Great hospitality from the retreat center staff. “

“ The retreat center held us beautifully and consistently through a very intense process. “

“ The training room was perfect and the gardens were a peaceful place for contemplation.“

“ Very enjoyable to relax in the lounge. I like the landscape. “

“ Nice vibe in the house. “

“ The retreat center is beautiful, well kept, intentionally maintained, heart centered - spacious, welcoming…really loved the space.”

“ All the center staff has been welcoming, respectful, supportive and helpful."


Some training participants had the opportunity to visit Lisbon before and/or after the training! Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in western Europe, with a history that stretches back to its original settlements in 800–600 BC. In fact Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world predating other modern European capitals such as London, Paris and Rome. Lisbon today is enjoying a resurgence of its artistic history. Lisbon enjoys a Mediterranean climate. It has the warmest winters of any metropolis in Europe.

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