60 Years

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is being able to share my passion with family. My grandparents are celebrating their 60th anniversary and asked me to take their photos to commemorate this special moment. My grandparents are some of the sweetest and most laid back people you will ever meet. But when it comes to their family they love fiercely and will do anything for each other.


"I love Norman for his heart. He is such a caring husband and would do anything for anybody. I also love him for his mind. He is very intelligent. That is obvious to many, as he has a PhD in chemical engineering. But I can still say, after 60 years of marriage, that he is the most brilliant person I know."


"One thing that I love about Donna is how she has so lovingly supported me in my numerous passions throughout the years. Whether it's been hunting around the world or brewing beer in our house, she's always been there for me. That and the fact that she has tolerated me for 60 years."


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