Quiz Show Assessment Year 10 Media minor

What do you expect from Quiz Shows?

Write a list of your expectations from Quiz Shows --- what do you think you're going to see when you tune in to one? Are there certain things that are a party of every quiz show?

Conventions of a Quiz Show:

-Host that sometimes has a catchphrase.


-Suspenseful music

-Lighting arrangements

-Dark lighting to create suspense / tension

-Bright lighting to create a fun and exciting mood.

-Prizes-- cash, luxury items, holidays

-Questions – the element of risk / gambling.

-Set (think about what different sets look like on different game shows)

-Audience / viewer participation

- Sale of the Century

- Family Feud

- Million Dollar Minute

On the Padlet found at the link above, please write in one thing you would expect to see on a Quiz Show based on the clips you have watched from the shows above. The password for the padlet is 10media

Pick one of the quiz shows from above. Change different aspects of the show to make it suitable for a teenage audience.



-Contestants & Questions

-Format / rules of the game show.

Research each of the following studio crew roles. Explain what their job is on the set of a Quiz Show:


- Vision switcher

- Stage manager

- Camera operator

- Props manager

- Set designer

- Lighting co-ordinator

-Boom Operator

If you finish all of this before the end of the lesson, start brainstorming potential ideas for a Quiz Show.

TO EARN A BONUS: What is something you have noticed about all the hosts of popular game shows?


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