What is ING?

The Industrial Network Group (ING) is a group of like-minded sales professionals who desire to get more business and help others improve their sales in the Industrial Marketplace. The ING was founded by Chris Simmons in June 2015. The first chapter was located in Spartanburg. Now, the ING has chapters in multiple states.

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"By being in the ING, it has increased our companies sales force without increasing our payroll." Bryan - Greenville ING

The ING has 3 primary objectives:

  1. To build a network of industrial sales professionals who become a strong sales force for each member.
  2. To create an atmosphere where ING members share information about industrial projects and companies that lead to more opportunities and deals for each company.
  3. To provide valuable sales training through information presented by speakers, trainers, and members within each ING chapter.
I created the ING for industrial sales professionals whose desire is to build relationships, increase their knowledge, and get more deals. - Chris ING Founder
Chris Simmons – Founder

Chris Simmons has a MBA in International Business from Gardner-Webb University and under graduate degree in Business Economics from Wofford College. His background includes working in different sales & marketing roles from Account Manager, National Sales Manager, and VP Sales for several different Industrial companies. He has also started and sold several companies over his 25 year career.

In 2015, Chris saw a need within the Industrial marketplace to help sales professionals build strong relationships, improve their sales skills, and increase their knowledge of projects and opportunities. He contacted several key industrial sales professionals and created the first ING chapter in Spartanburg, SC. Over the past 2 years, he has worked diligently to create a process that will help every member be successful.

Making connections with ING



To generate more sales for each member by creating a systematic approach to increase sales & marketing skills, networking, sharing leads, tracking progress, and showing results. This will be done by discussing leads and opportunities on the weekly sales conference calls. All leads will be tracked and reviewed on a weekly basis.

The purpose of the Industrial Network Group is to create a group that will stimulate networking between like-minded industrial focused companies. The group will be built around three words: CONNECT, CONFIRM, and CLOSE.

What people have to say...

Testimonials from members:

“We have benefited greatly from our membership in the Charlotte and Raleigh ING chapters, it has helped us to better understand the market and make valuable connections in the industry. Being apart of ING magnifies our business development activities and allows us to extend our efforts geographically within North Carolina and South Carolina.” Terence Morrison
The Industrial Network Group helped me improve my communication skills, create a great network of connections , provided leadership growth opportunities AND provided me with information/tools I need to close new business! The ING has made me a more valuable employee and helped me sharpen my skills - I am grateful to be a part of the ING!- Daniel Allison
The ING has been a HUGE asset to me during these uncertain times due to the Covid pandemic. ING has been one of the constants I have had these past 6 months by having events on my calendar like our normal members “Leads and Needs” weekly calls, many Webinars, and Real Sales Talk to name a few. Real Sales Talk has allowed me to connect with a lot of different people from all over the United States and hear about techniques to be a better salesperson. This has also helped me to stay motivated and has given me the assurance I am not the only one needing to adapt to the changes to be successful. I highly recommend checking out ING!! Jill McCurry

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