beach utopia Sunny-side up!

My saying is "Sunny side-up". Even in the worst days you can find one good thing, one sunny side. My ideal utopia would have a sunny side to everything. It would be filled with happiness and many opportunity.

Entertainment: I would be living with others who would be my entertainment. I have access to the beach so swimming, paddle boarding, fishing would keep me occupied.

Shelter: I would live in a large hut with a few other people. It would include a fully functional toilet and running water, and a large kitchen located right on the ocean.

Food: A variety of food would be on the beach. It was would have all necessities and you would never go hungry. Fruit trees like bananas and coconut is located on the beach. Also a variety of food trucks. I also have access to the ocean which has a variety of sea animals that you could eat.

  • Essentials:
  • Sunscreen (above SPF 15)
  • Insulin
  • Food
  • Water
  • Wifi
  • Music
  • Sunglasses
  • Other people


Created with images by Olichel - "sand beach ocean" • mariusklausen - "ocean paddle board gilli island" • larsen9236 - "staniel cay swimming pig seagull" • Unsplash - "fly fishing fishing rod fishing"

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