Sierra Nesseth

My story is a little bit of a roller coaster. On a brief note, a hobby I've had ever since I was little was a young child is photography. It is still a passion that I hold dear to my heart. This background picture and the previous picture are two of my first pictures I took. (I apologize about the blurriness, their quality was diminished through so many transfers to get it here.) Other hobbies of mine that have come to be, in a more recent history, include playing video games and taking care of my fur babies.

My plans for the future start in the beginning of the "roller coaster" I mentioned above. This gave me a very challenging past, and it makes me who I am today.

A different kind of Beginning starts with my Mom

When I was 13, my mom had had her first heart attack. A week later she had another. Her second one was what they call a "widow maker". What this simply means is her heart was not circulating enough blood. Most of the people who have these heart attacks do not live. 3 of the veins in my mother's heart were so clogged with cholesterol that they were the size of a pen tip. The veins were suppose to be as wide as the body of the pen.

My mom was rushed into emergency open heart surgery, which they preformed triple bi-pass surgery. That was in March. For the next 6 months I took care of my mom. 9 months out from her bi-pass, her bi-pass failed. She had to have special stents made just for her, and monitor her incredibly closely.

Because of this, I formed a passion for taking care of people. It made me want to go in the medical field.

I then started attending High School at David Crockett.

This teacher further fueled my Science passion. The man with the papers in his hands was my mentor for all my years in high school. He was an amazing Biology teacher and I learned more from him than I have anyone else. He made me realize that Science and Biology came natural to me. This further fueled my thinking about going into the Science and medical field. My senior year of high school I took my 5th Biology class with him my first semester, and my second semester I went to Northeast State to Dual Enroll. While at Northeast, I went to my first job.
My first job was in the Johnson City Mall, at the retail store Express. There I was a sales associate who was tasked with listening to customers and servicing them in anyway I could. That could mean helping them with a return, putting outfits together, giving opinions, or even ordering things online. I loved my job. There were reasons why I had to leave, but it fueled a passion in me that I had no idea existed. This job is why my Major is now Marketing instead of Biology.

While I loved the idea of taking care of people, and doing something of that sort, working in retail made me realize I would enjoy my quality of life so much more if I were to do something that I loved, rather than just something I was good at.

My furbabies! This is my life today. On the left is Ryn (Australian Shepherd/Husky mix, 9 months old). On the right is Odin (German Shepherd/Irish Wolfhound mix, 14 weeks old.) Yes, Odin will be a giant one day.. At 14 weeks he weighs more than our 9 month old does :). I love them both very dearly.

First time in the snow!

This is what I do on a daily, watch them play tug-o-war.

When I'm not watching my dogs play (mostly while they're napping) I really enjoy playing video games. The one I'm into the most right now is a Blizzard Entertainment game called 'Overwatch.' Overwatch is a First Person Shooter, and has 26 characters, all with unique abilities. Below is a short clip of the video game just to give you an idea of the game. In the clip, that is me playing a character called "Symmetra".


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