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Michael McCain (Born July 22) is a writer and hip-hop artist from Los Angeles, California. He is best known by his stage name Inno Thakid. Born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles California, Inno attended Crenshaw High School, where he became known for his ability to rap fluently in English and Spanish with rapid delivery. He quickly became a favorite amongst his peers in rap competitions and school performances. Inno then attended Cal State Los Angeles, where he continued to astound his peers with his expeditious rap style. In 2006 Inno wrote the Jammx Kid’s first single “Keep U Dancin”, Produced by Multi Platinum Hip Hop and R&B producer Antwan “Amadeus” Thompson. The single “Keep U Dancin” went on to gain commercial success with exposure from Radio Disney and a video which features NBA superstar Shaquille O’neal. Inno has also scored several television and film placements over the past decade, some which include:

  • Movie: Fred The Movie
  • Movie: From Prada To Nada
  • Television Network: Claws
  • Television Network: Shameless
  • Television Network: Selfie
  • Television Network: A Gifted Man
  • Television Network: The Jammx Kids' Allstar Dance Special
  • Radio: Jammx Kids - "Keep U Dancin'"

​FUN FACT: Inno's (maternal) cousin is dancer/ Youtube sensation Marquese "NonStop" Scott who has gained notoriety for his viral video "Pumped Up Kicks"

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