Polish Resistance Movement (World War || A Story to tell

Where: Nazi- Occupied Europe(covered German and Soviet Zones of occupation)

Largest underground resistance

Important Because:

They were disrupting German supply lines to the Eastern font, providing military intelligence to the British, and for saving more Jewish lives in the Holocaust than any other organization.

Part of the Polish underground State


  1. Armia Krajowa- Polish government in London
  2. Joined the AK(Armia Krajowa) Bataliony Cholopskie- Created by People's Party
  3. Gwardia Ludowa- Polish Socialist Party
  4. Konfercja Narodu- created by Obōz Naradowo Radykalny-Falanga
  5. Naradowa Organizacja Wojskowa- established by the National Party
  6. Narodowe Siły Zbrojne- refused to be in the AK
  7. Obóz Polski Walczæcej- subordinated to the AK

The largest group that refused to give in the AK were the National Armed Forces and the People's Army

Size: AK was formed, it had 100,000 members

Actions, Operations and Intelligence........

1939- 2 soldiers of the Polish Army Witold Pilecki and Major Jan Włodarkiewicz founded the Secret Polish Army.

Witold Pilecki

1940- a unit of Commanders destroyed a battalion of German infantry in a skirmish near the village of Huciska. A few days later in an ambush near the village of Szałasy it inflicted heavy casualties upon another German unit. In 1940, Witold Pilecki, a member of the Polish resistance, presented his plan to enter Germany's Auschwitz concentration camp, gather intelligence on the camp from the inside, and organize resistance.

Major Henryk Dobrzański

1942- On 20 June 1942, there was an escape from Auschwitz concentration camp. Four Poles, Eugeniusz Bendera, Kazimierz Piechowski, Stanisław Gustaw Jaster and Józef Lempart made a daring escape. The escapees were dressed as members of the SS-Totenkopfverbände, fully armed and in an SS staff car. They drove out the main gate in a stolen Rudolf Hoss automobile Steyr 220 with a smuggled report from Witold Pilecki about the Holocaust. The Germans never recaptured any of them.

Fully Armed

1944- On February 11, 1944 the Resistance fighters of Polish Home Army's unit Agat executed Franz Kutschera, SS and Reich's Police Chief in Warsaw in action known as Operation Kutschera. Poles and Jews were shot in a public execution by the Germans.

1945- a staged trial of 16 leaders of the Polish Underground State held by the Soviet Union took place in Moscow - (Trial of the Sixteen).

If I was there during World War ||......I would be scared a lot. There was too much bombs, people fighting each other.

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