Beachtopia Where Adventure Is Everywhere!

Because life can be hard, we provide a way to learn valuable things while having fun! We value education as much as you do and the children to succeed in life. We also believe that individuality is important.

Our Membership Policy:

Our rules must be obeyed at all times. broken rules will be promptly punished with a few sharp words.

Rules of Beachtopia:

1. all children must learn to surf by age 13 because we need the children participating in 'Surfing days'

2. All people must participate in the daily morning runs and stretches because we want everyone to stay at their healthiest

3. Everyone must appear promptly for classes so that they won't miss any important information

4. no one is excluded from 'surf days'. 'surf days' are designated so children and adults alike can hone their skills and have more recreational time

5. everyone must participate in volleyball because we have made one high school credit designated to a sport. volleyball will help with that.

6. No one can wear neon clothes. neon damages peoples' retinas.

7. If you want to wear shoes, those shoes must be converse because converse are comfortable and stylish.

8. Max number of children in a family is 10. The minimum is 2. Things will be shared easier and the children won't be lonely with siblings


10. chores WILL BE DISTRIBUTED EQUALLY AMONG AND ROTATED through children. this is so that a child won't feel overwhelmed with too many chores while a sibling has none.

Location of Beachtopia:

Our Beachtopia will be located in ricon, Puerto rico. This is a coastal city and has many opportunities for out-of-the-box learning experiences.

Typical Beachtopian Schedule

5:00am-6:00am Daily morning run/stretches

6:30am-7:30am Breakfast

*8:00am-2:00pm School *lunch will be provided*

*2:30pm-4:00pm Recreational time *time will be extended on 'surf days'

4:00pm-5:30pm dinner

5:30pm-8:00pm service hours

8:30pm bedtime/curfew

Type of Government in Beachtopia

Our government in Beachtopia is a republic because we want people to feel as if there is an order to life with good laws and presidents. Also, everyone wants to feel valued for their opinions and who and what they vote for. A republic provides that sense of order and value and help people feel more equalized as well.

Why you should live in Beachtopia

Beachtopia provides an out-of-the-box learning opportunity for children and well paying jobs for adults. Children (and adults) will get to go on adventures never before experienced! Learning is our #1 priority and fun is #2. We try to make your experience through life as enjoyable as possible.


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