My Day at The Harn By: Ashton Boerner

Immediately upon entering the Museum, this piece caught my attention. From a distance this picture just looked like a series of lines but when you get up close, it turns out the lines were individual bars with nail heads at the top of varying sides. The picture meant imprisonment to me and reminded me of how crime and punishment works in our society. You must build up your life as a good person, if you break the laws of society, you are held back behind these bars.(I obtained permission to take this photo from the Harn Museum)
The spacing and atmosphere of the photo galleria at The Harn stood out to me the most. Each picture was majestically framed and spaced apart on a white wall. This effect made the beautiful pictures stand out. I was drawn to this painting in particular as it reminded me of the flowing valleys of Canada, a place where I vacation each summer. This painting is very peaceful and relaxes me. The white wall background makes the vibrant colors pop even more.(I obtained permission to take this photo from the Harn Museum)
I really resonated with this statue on display in the Asian Exhibits of the Harn. The statue is of a man holding a cross in one hand and some fish in the other. To me this man is balancing his life in both hands. He values his religion which ties him in closer to God, and he values his craft of being a fisherman. I see a lot of myself in this statue, I feel like i too balance my morals and religion with the crafts I am good at. This statue reflects balance, which is a key component to have if you with to pursue the good life.(I obtained permission to take this photo from the Harn Museum)
This painting of Tokyo, Japan reflects the perfect example of the good life in everyday life. This picture shows the busy bustling city during the night. People can be seen walling on the sidewalks, while taxis and buses go down the street. Though there is a large number of people concentrated in one small area, there doesn't seem to be any chaos. It appears as if the people are in sync with the city and do not mind the business. The vibrant colors of the city can also be seen which seem to suggest that there is natural beauty when others are experiencing the good life. This whole picture represents the good life, even within a busy city. When you slow down to appreciate, you see beauty in the unthinkable.(I obtained permission to take this photo from the Harn Museum)
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