Pewter design evaluation

Firstly i designed a cross mould out of MDF on 2D Design and later cut it out on the laser cutter. After that I cast the melted pewter into the mould and let it cool for about a minute. Then I cut the sprue of the cross and sanded it all down with 80 grade sandpaper. Once I did that I used 120 grade then 180 grade then 240 grade then 400 grade and finally 1000 grade. Once I did all that it was ready for the buffing machine. After that I used liquid metal polish to remove the last of any tiny scratches and that made it a mirror-finish. This piece of jewellery made me feel proud of all the work that went into it. It made others feel peaceful because it was so smooth. The good parts about my jewellery are that it has a mirror-finish and that you can put it on a chain. The worst thing about my jewellery is that it has tight corners so I couldn't really get sandpaper in there to get rid of all the little scratches in there. Another bad thing about my jewellery is that when I drilled a hole for the chain I used a drill piece that was a little bit too big so it made the top a little weak. I could improve my design by using a smaller drill piece so then it wouldn't be as weak. Overall I am very happy about my jewellery because I tried hard.

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