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The EU has 27 countries.

In supranational cooperation like the EU there are forces that will unite and divide the countries. An economic centripetal force that unites the EU is the Trade Bloc. The Trade Bloc allows the EU countries to have more power in global economy. There are some countries that are small and will never be able to compete in the global market, but when they work with all the EU countries they have more power and can do more business. However, a cultural centrifugal force that divides EU members is national pride and cultural traditions. Some countries don't wanna give up their traditions for the EU. For Example many countries are proud of their national soccer teams and wouldn't want to give up for one European team.Also many countries want to keep their language which makes it hard for them to communicate from the EU. The centripetal and centrifugal forces unite and divide Europe and these forces make cooperation useful but also challenging .

What does it mean to be a good citizen?

To be a good citizen: There are different ways people can be good citizens. One way people can do that is by paying their taxes. Good citizens know when they pay their taxes it helps the government provide services. Good citizens also obey the laws. They follow the laws to stay out of trouble and know they need to be responsible for themselves. All citizens have rights like freedom of speech, and the right to own property. Also, good citizens know they need to be tolerant of each other. One of the most important things are good citizens do is volunteer for there community and help pick up things.I picked this picture because citizens respect the American flag.

What do you think is the most effective style of government and why?

Dictatorship is the most effective style of government. Dictators have absolute control over citizens lives and make all the decisions for their government. This is effective because dictators have less opposition when making decisions and can make them quickly. For example, when Fujimori wanted to solve Peru’s economic problems and terrorism troubles he had difficulty when there were checks, but he found success when there wasn't opposition and he solved some of their problems. Another reason is it takes less time to get stuff done when one person has final say for everyone. For example, when dictators tell people what the laws are people will know what to do immediately and not have to decide for themselves which takes no time. This is unlike a democracy where everybody has a say and it takes a long time to get things done because people have to go and vote. Even though dictatorship is more effective in getting things done, dictatorships usually don't care about people and so maybe it is not the best government for people.

This quote shows that sometimes leaders get more things done when there is no option.


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