The UpHill For the week of 11/13/17

Dear Hill Parents:

In the coming weeks at Hill...

Monday, November 13

6:15-8:15pm - PTO (5th Grade) Sponsored Skate World Party (See flyer below)

Tuesday, November 14

9:45 - 10:30am - Troy Community Coalition presents: "Tar Wars" to 5th graders. Tar Wars is an anti-tobacco program for fifth graders presented by Michigan Oncology Nursing Society volunteers and Troy Beaumont Doctors

Wednesday, November 15

1:05-1:35pm - Husky Team Meetings - wear your Husky (JAT) spirit shirts!

Tuesday, November 21

4th Grade - Sheepshank Sam / Lumberjack Day

Wednesday, November 22 - Friday, November 24

Thanksgiving Recess, NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, November 28

9:45am-1:15pm - 2nd Grade Field Trip to Troy Historical Village

Wednesday, November 29

K-12 Early Release Day: Hill will dismiss at 12:40pm - PM: Teacher Professional Development.

Thursday, November 30

1:00-2:00pm - Troy Community Coalition presents: "Choose Wisely" to 4th graders. Presented jointly by the Coalition and Troy Police, this classroom program for 4th graders teaches responsible decision-making and behavior.

End of the first marking period. Report cards will be available for parents to view on HAC (Home Access Center) December 8th. The second marking period ends March 8th.

Friday, December 1

K-5 Students Only - NO SCHOOL (teacher workday)

Monday, December 4

Scholastic Book Fair Week - Preview Day (Media Center)

Tuesday, December 5

Scholastic Book Fair Week - 2B Class Sales (Media Center)

Wednesday, December 6

Scholastic Book Fair Week - 2C Class Sales (Media Center)

Thursday, December 7

9:00am--8:00pm Book Fair Sales (Media Center)

5:00-8:00pm - Chris Cakes "Flying Pancake" Dinner (Café)


We want to especially thank Anne Sackrison & Donna O’Reilly, members of the CAPE (Citizens and Parents for Education) committee, for volunteering their time and effort to help spread the word about this proposal to the Hill community. We are grateful to them and to each of you who voted in this election to support improvements here at Hill and throughout the Troy School District.


Today was our first drawing of the Hill Husky Team Players winners. Staff has been busy catching students doing kind things for others. When staff sees an act of kindness or caring they fill out a GOLDEN TICKET and place it in the grade level jar. Every week I will be drawing tickets from each grade to recognize the students that have gone out of their way to do the right thing. Their name is called and the students are invited to the office to receive a “Champ Charm” and a special pencil. Their GOLDEN TICKET will be posted on the special bulletin board in the front hall and their name and special act will be listed in the UpHill. We would like to thank Mrs. Frisen and Mrs. Clarke for designing and hanging our awesome bulletin board. Champ Charm winners will be shared in the UpHill once a month.

Parents please note… “Champ Charms” will be given out throughout the year to reward students for many different things. The idea is that they will collect charms over time and save the charms year after year. They are given a chain to use to collect the charm. The chain should be attached to their back pack so the students can display the great things they have done. By fifth grade they should have quite a collection! Today when awarding charms several of the students (that were awarded charms last year) said that their chain and charms were thrown out at the end of the school year or were on their old backpack. Please make sure your child transfers their collection to a new backpack so they can be proud of all the good things they have done here at Hill!

Mrs. Brzezinski


Now that colder weather is upon us...

Troy School District policy states that there will be inside line-up/recess when temperatures are below 15°. If temperatures are between 15° and 19°, the wind chill factor will be considered. The decision to hold indoor or outdoor line-up/recess is made according to the weather at the time of line-up/recess.

  • Above 20°F - Line-Up/Recess is held outside
  • From 15-19°F - Wind chill factor will determine - Go by "feels like" temperature
  • Below 15°F - Line-Up/Recess held Inside

It is important that children dress appropriately: boots, hats, gloves/mittens and a warm coat and snow pants when necessary (PLEASE PUT YOUR CHILD'S NAME INSIDE THEIR COAT AND SNOW PANTS). Our goal is to allow children to get exercise and fresh air whenever possible, so please prepare your children for outside activity every day. It's also a good idea to keep an extra pair of socks in your child's backpack in case their socks get wet.

All students are expected to participate in recess. Fresh air, physical play and exercise helps develop fitness and is important to children’s ability to focus during learning times. Generally, if a child is well enough to attend school, he/she is well enough to go outside for a short recess period to take a break and get some fresh air.


When sending money into school, for whatever the reason, It is VERY important that you use an envelope or plastic baggy clearly labeled with your child's name (super important!) and what the money is for.


Someone found a car key in the parking lot. If you are missing a Toyota car key, please inquire in the office.


Legos Wanted!

The Hill Library Media Center has a new Lego Wall and we are looking for Legos! If you would like to donate to our wall, please send the Legos to school in a zip lock bag. Please include your child’s name and teacher so we can be sure to thank them for their donation!

Thank you to those who have donated to our new LEGO wall!

• Ty M.

• Zander K.

• Audrianna N.

• Nolan S.

• Mia P.

• Sean D.

Ms. Apol, Media Specialist/Teacher-Librarian


There is a Skate World party coming up on Monday, November 13 from 6:15 to 8:15pm. Tickets will be $6 cash at the door on the day of the event. The whole school is invited and proceeds will help fund the 5th grade camp and celebration. The more funds they raise, the lower the cost is to the individual families later in the year for these special events. Thank you in advance for your support.

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