Those who play had a busy beginning to this summer month. Unlike those who scribble, a clear minority, for whom a record was set in that the newsletter keyboard remained untouched until Wimbledon was history. Back in the driving seats after their three months ‘holiday’ Damien and Loraine were actively occupied by the game itself and thus a bit delayed in submitting relevant facts, figures and comments. On top of which their family and grandchildren have descended upon them and the demands of the young are not to be denied! Anyway, a start can now be made as a phrase from the scriptures comes to mind. The reference is to ‘tenacious winsome courage’, which puzzled at first but was then explained:

Tenacious means we don't give up. Winsome means we face life with a smile, not a scowl. Courage means we do what needs to be done. Tenacious means we keep on keeping on. Winsome means we don't lose our temper and say something stupid.” All to be borne in mind as the Scribbler renews his lifelong friendship with the patient keyboard.


My reference to this acronym last month fell flat. As a pancake. Monique’s explanation was boring – Summer Mixed Inter Club. A good start?


America hosted this supposedly ‘soft’ start to the competitive month on Saturday 3/7 when returning members were welcomed. Maria & Gunnar Gardemyr; Rosa Hatz & Claus Ramer; and Marta Johnsen, a relative newcomer to the game, went home with a prize! Well done indeed.

Peter and Kate Bradley will have left later for a well earned break in Lake Garda with Peter able to wave his voucher about.

1st - 107 points on handicap - l/r Wendy Warren, Peter Bradley, Martin Whelan, Richard Hinds. 2nd - 107 points - l/r Simon Buddery, Laura Thompson, Marta Johnsen, Erling Johnsen 3rd - 106 points - l/r Isabella Rippinger, Jill Davies, Roy Davies, James Reid. Understandably keen to mark a special sporting occasion in their marriage were Marta and Erling.

Two Days Later

Come Tuesday 6/7 it was Europa’s turn to tax the skills of quite a large field. The weather continued in warm, friendly fashion and the bunkers remained much as they have been for a while now, little knowing that improvements were just around the corner. Arthur O’Connor was first on the time sheet and, like Lewis Hamilton of old, held the pole position throughout. It took 40 points to make him the day’s winner, but only just! Simon Buddery 39, Richard Hinds 38, and Chris Slattery 37 were only a tyre’s width behind

The ladies were a little more modest in their scoring, and a shade closer, but respectable. 36 points came the way of Laura Thompson (first on handicap), Sylvia McGarvie, and Louise Homewood who, because she is waiting for her Federation handicap to be announced, had to forfeit third place which went instead to Isabella Rippinger and her 35.

L - “Shades” and Simon R - Only the lonely - Isabella Rippinger


"Miracles will never cease! The return Seniors Interclub match against Mijas Golf was played in perfect conditions on Campo America on Wednesday 7th July ...and we actually have some photographs! 12 good men and true put on their best performance and capitalised on their 3-3 draw in Mijas by winning 5-1 and taking the trophy.! Possibly the best win of the day was by Mike Fisher & Cees Lagerwerf who took their match 6 & 5. Although Captain Damien Murphy with partner James Reid also did us proud by taking their match 5 & 3. Simon Buddery & Martin Whelan won by a comfortable 3 & 2 while Barry Curran & Roy Davies also won 2 up. Newcomers to the interclub matches Paul Robinson & Brian Garvey (who was so eager to get going that he turned up a full 24hrs early for the match:) reversed their result at Mijas to take the game 2 & 1...and the hardest fought match was Arthur 0'Connor & Peter Edstrøm who just missed out on the 18th hole by a putt. By all accounts the atmosphere during lunch in the clubhouse was jovial and a good day was had by all."

Thanks to non-playing Loraine for this delayed commentary!

Some of our Conquerors l/r - Guests George Cullen & Simon Greer (Mijas), Barry Curran & Roy Davies. Simon Buddery, Guests Peter Jolly & Jack Nuyens (Mijas), Martin Whelan. l/r - Who's a happy Captain then ? Damien Murphy & Captain Dave Hamon (Mijas).


Now we all know what it means there is no need to explain anything, other than the gathering took place at El Chaparral on Friday July 9th and solicited the following quotation from organiser (and star of the day) Monique Peters “Great weather. Course looked good. Greens slow. Hard work on most holes, No buggies allowed on the fairways. Our team, with several new faces, in good spirit. Special thanks to Deirdre Whelan for stepping in.”

Roy Davies was captain for the day and quick to praise his playing partner, Monique, for her 27 point contribution to their combined 42 total. Second best of our team were Simon Buddery & Wendy Warren with 37. The top 4 cards of each club count towards their league position so our 149 was a significant improvement on our (whisper it quietly) 134 last time out. We actually drew with Atalaya but edged ahead by virtue of handicap and thus earned 2 unexpected points.

L - Hugo Verheyen went home with the Nearest-the-Pin prize (which was not the lady pictured). R - Our team looking forward to lunch.

The next match is at Atalaya on the 23rd where there will be another steep mountain to climb if we are to finish in a loftier position than currently looks likely.


What a wonderful final? The Scribbler is not known for sitting in an armchair for long periods, nor watching TV at length, but some of the matches this past fortnight have nudged him towards a break in ancient habits. Certainly Ashley Barti’s emotional win over Ka Plíšková captured his attention from start to finish, and both opponents spoke well afterwards. Plíšková began incredibly badly, and nerves crept in again towards the very end, but it would have been a travesty had Barti been denied her childhood dream. All the net cords went against her?

Deserved reward > In strident action

The umpire failed miserably to control the crowd whose rowdyism was worse than usual. A pity because it clearly disturbed the players as they prepared to serve. The ejection of 2 or 3 of the more vocal might have done the trick.


A tiny turn out of just seven groups suggested that tennis was uppermost in some minds but those that participated enjoyed good conditions on the same day, 10/7, as those warming up at Wimbledon, and didn’t have to worry about slipping over! It is said that cream rises to the top and JP Karlsson proved the point. Playing off 6 he was 5 better than Roy Davies’ 11 and considerably further ahead of the rest of the players.

1st - 113 points l/r Sten Valentin, Matti Kaarnakari, JP Karlsson, Susanne Valentin. 2nd - 111 points on handicap l/r Pat Reid, Simon Buddery, Dorothee Schmidt, Peter Edstrom. 3rd - 111 points l/r Alan Jewett, Wendy Warren, Marta Johnsen, Erling Johnsen

Captain, and organiser for the day, Damien Murphy, had this to say later “First we had a team bramble. With a nod to Wimbledon. All white on the day. Were the teams all to the fore or love all? Double fault – maybe second service? Everyone had one mulligan that could be used anywhere except on the green. Everyone kept their cool and again the teams were separated by the narrowest of margins – but it was the Scandi's that took home the red wine and first place. Pat Reid was back on the podium again, for both wine and balls and Erling Johnsen again picked up balls for being one of nine players that scored a 2 today. We might need to review that handicap once more Erling! “


It came as no surprise to tennis fans when Novak Djokovic triumphantly raised the winner’s plate at the end of the Mens’ Singles Final, the sixth time he has done so and the third in succession. Despite the crowd’s obvious desire for “Matteo Matteo” to win, or maybe inspired by their preference, the Serbian now lays claim to being the best player ever, and few could deny the statistics, which are quite remarkable.


Temporarily absent from La Cala, but enjoying a little membership reunion at Remedy Oaks Golf Club in the UK, are, l/r in the picture Rob and Cas Rosselli with Janice and Peter Marler.

Looks as though they had some Spanish weather too?


The surprising resurrection of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” towards the end of Euro 2020 proved a bit optimistic as those of us who fancied Italy from the start were nevertheless sorry to see. Lots to talk about after the drawn out final and yet another penalty saga to look back on and regret. Many questions to answer. Lots to admire in both teams, especially in the experienced skills of the Italian defence, but few in the media have questioned the end result? Time now for our youngsters to focus on the World Cup, only 18 months away in Quatar, another controversial location.

Happy Italian Euro Champions


Deservedly the founder of Cudeca has had a lot of nice things said about her since her death, and the newsletter has been pleased to play its part, but the following link tells us a bit more about a remarkable lady and is, we feel, worthy of inclusion.


Not long back from England, and obviously appreciating the chance to play in the sunshine again, Ray knocked 0.4 off his handicap as a result of his winning 70 net on America 13/7 so let us hope he is still here come Finals day in October. A wealth of experience followed him closely in the portly shapes of Les Wicks, Damien Murphy and Geoff Thompson, all registering net 71’s

Only Damien available but only caught at work.

Wide angled lens will not be necessary for the ladies’ prize giving next weekend when the diaphragms, if attending, will mostly be of a more normal standard. Not least that of Isabella Rippinger whose feminine form matches that of her golf which is seldom less than respectable. This week she was in barnstorming mood and finished 5 shots clear of her nearest rivals with a net 69 and a cut of 0.6. Pauline Hilliard came second with 74 and would have shared that spot with Louise Homewood had the Spanish Federation speeded up a bit and issued her with a proper handicap. Instead, as a Guest, she forfeited her position. Instead two vastly experienced members in Monique Peters and Laura Thompson, each on net 76, eased into upper spots.

l/r Pauline, Isabella, Monique - R - Don't even ask !

To end on a romantic note it is noticed that both Erling and Marta Johnsen earned DQ’s.!


First La Cala Captain - Iain Macauley
Ode to The Birthday Boy

Scribbler invited the birthday boy to provide the newsletter with a couple of pictures taken on THE day. These were forthcoming and better reflect the reference to the Highlands made elsewhere in these columns. “I have these two. I know the golf one is not too clear, but it is of me with my two sons taken on Askernish Golf course, which will make Damien and the other members who came on a memorable trip to the Hebrides and played this great course a few years ago a little jealous. The other one is starting out on climbing a very small mountain on the island of Benbecula. My cousin Calum who has the hotel at Lochboisdale, sends his best wishes to all those who were there. Slainte (Gaelic ) Skaal and Cheers.”

Thank you, Iain. We can almost smell the sea and heather.


Reasons for the dwindling weekend support vary. It is claimed in some quarters that some find the 09.30hrs start too early, especially if not living in the resort. The heat may play a part, of course, and certainly America on Saturday 17th was testing, my dashboard showing 38C as we drove home. It is also conceivable that some were saving themselves for the evening’s shindig, although numerically there is not a strong case. The TV lure of the Open will certainly have persuaded a few. Whatever the cause only six teams competed, a mere 22 players, some of whom managed to conjure up excellent scores, as the following leaderboard shows

1st - 112 points l/r Vic Hilliard, Pauline Hilliard, Peter Edstrom, Sten Valentin

Peter starts the 3500km drive back to Sweden on Wednesday, alone, so will be able to reflect pleasurably on his contribution which included a birdie on stroke index one. It is doubtful whether Captain Damien’s “threat” of a further card scrutiny and possible repercussions will have weighed too heavily on our Swedish friend’s mind as he speeds north though?

2nd - 108 points l/r Govind Naidu, Derek Steele, Isabella Rippinger, Gerry Rippinger. 3rd - 106 points l/r Cameron Dempster (guest), Monique Peters, Jan Debrauwer, Peter Bradley

Our Vice Captain, Peter, was not accompanied by his wife Kate this week following an unfortunate accident whilst they were on holiday in Lake Garda very recently. Stepping from sunlit brightness into the dark interior of a church Kate missed a step, fell and, it is now revealed, cracked a rib. She will be out of golfing action for a while, having not long ago got back into the swing of things.


Wimbledon has been and gone but will be remembered because Scribbler’s grand-nephew reached the final of the U16’s – at the age of 14 – thus re-kindling my interest in the sport which has always been my first love. In the run up to Wimbledon he finished as runner up to Hugo Coquelin in the 16U LTA Junior National Championships at Surbiton last month.

Grand Nephew - Fabio Nestola

For some reason the Ladies Singles Final of 1961 comes to mind, probably because it was the last time (maybe the only time) both contestants were English. Christine Trueman was an Essex girl whom one saw from time to time when playing matches at her club. Angela Mortimer came from the West Country as one recalls? She was not expected to win, but she did. 4-6 6-4 7-5 after a controversial third set. Christine had a serious fall. The umpire got the score wrong and was later accused of nodding off. The Press had a field day but, interestingly, and a sign of the times, referred to the players as “Miss Trueman” and “Miss Mortimer”.

l/r Loser, Winner


What a shame this increasingly popular match had to be cancelled? Due to be played on Wednesday afternoon/evening 21st and, irrespective of outcome, followed by a lovely social blending of staff and members. Because of the Covid restrictions and resultant personnel problems the Resort was unable to put out a meaningful team. Our Captaincy are hoping to find an alternative date later in the summer when “normality” is sort of promised by those on high.


As most members know Dorothee has been this Scribbler’s right arm for over two years now, responsible for assembling the newsletter around his text and pictures. Unfortunately she will not be doing so this month because she has had to hurry back to Germany, with husband Achim, to tend to her 88 year old mother who had a fall this week and broke her hip. We will all wish her a sound recovery and meanwhile thank inexhaustible Loraine for stepping into the breach. For how long is not clear yet but she knows her way around Adobe Flash so, hopefully, there will be a July newsletter!


What a terrific Open Golf Championship at St.Georges? What an outstanding performance by the winner? A name to struggle with at first but bound to roll easily off the tongue before long. Enough will have been said and read about his calm, measured control of his game, and himself, but it would be remiss of Scribbler not to include a paragraph and add to the congratulations.

L - A swing for which to die?  R - Happy young professional with the Claret Jug

Scribbler came to golf in a tentative way in his very early 50’s so we are talking maybe 35 years or so since he played St.George’s. Probably his first ever links course and, thinking back, what a waste of time and money it was! Too inexperienced by far and not able to appreciate the nuances of such a demanding track. Even in those start up times we were short but straight off the tee. Even so the invisible undulations took their toll on ball stock. It was windy and dry but, from what one saw of the Open, not a bit like memory recalls.

Amundi Evian Championship - Winner Minjee Lee

Whilst on a nostalgic trip one might be excused for also mentioning Evian, another course currently in the headlines because of the girl, Minjee Lee, who fought back from 7 behind on the last day to finally win on the play-off hole, putting for an eagle on the par five!

Together with equally ageing friends Lilian and Scribbler had booked to learn how to ski, but midway through lesson one it became obvious that his hips, even then, would not allow the necessary feet positions so we missed out on a scenic and exciting sport. Fortunately we had taken our clubs with us in the car so took ourselves off to the nearest course which happened to be Evian, a name which meant nothing to us at the time. Apart from its beauty, views, and difficulty it is hard to remember much about it. Our friends, incidentally, went on to enjoy many years of ski-ing holidays!


The road between Los Colinas and the Hotel has been repaired and now the path from Asia’s 17th green to 18th tee is re-opened. Some play resumed on Tuesday 20th so it made a nice change for us up in Los Altos to enjoy some action as we sipped our medicine in the late afternoon/early evening.


Those who abstained, for whatever reason, missed out on what sounds to have been a fun evening. Certainly all the verbal comments reaching the Scribbler’s ears have been flatteringly good, which will have pleased Loraine and Damien who were the driving forces in organising things.

“One of the popular forms of entertainment 100 years ago was to go out dancing to jazz music. New dances at the time included the Charleston, the Shimmy, and the Black Bottom ..the “Great Gatsby” lifestyle was all the rage and DJ Lee got everyone in the mood for dancing from the moment of arrival with a great selection of foot tapping tunes.

Never ones to hide their lights behind the proverbial bushell our La Cala Ladies certainly took this theme to heart and shimmied, sparkled and provided glamour in abundance.

L-R: Flappers: Marta Johnsen. Loraine Murphy, Marta Johnsen, Annie Clarke. Pauline Moody

The Flappers of the 1920s were women known for their energetic freedom, embracing a lifestyle viewed by many at the time as outrageous, immoral or downright dangerous. Some of the moves on the dance floor would certainly qualify with ex Lady Captain Pauline Hilliard leading the way in the Charleston. Her hip surgeon would be proud to use the video as a before and after masterclass. Keep those hips swinging madam !

Led by Erling Capone the men got in on the act as well with natty outfits a la Great Gatsby and Peaky Blinders although the merry band of bootleggers were more attuned to the cocktails and flouting prohibition laws than dancing.

L-R - Marta & Erling Johnsen, Govind & Julie Naidu, Laura & Alan Saunders
Flappers Galore: L-R: Loraine Murphy, Sonya Foster, Pauline Moody, Monique Peters, Kate Bradley, Marta Johnsen, Pauline Hilliard, Kathy Bruce, Laura Saunders, Julie Naidu
L-R - Kate Bradley, Erling & Marta Johnsen. Pauline & David Moody, Monique Peters. Ray & Annie Clarke, Loraine Murphy, Peter & Kate Bradley. Loraine & Damien Murphy. Pat & Natalie Reid. Vic & Pauline Hilliard. Sten & Susanne Valentin. Peter & Kate Bradley. Ray & Annie Clarke

It was a night of fun & laughter, dancing and high spirits .. exactly what La Cala members are known for.. and what was absolutely needed ! “


This has not been a good month for reporters at large. Our IN Box has not been troubled much. Take Tuesday 20th on America for example. Results available on-line at the crack of dawn next morning, if not before, but scores are only part of what should be a story? Weather and course conditions. Special achievements. Personal observations. ‘Nuffink’. Which is an English word, or slang version thereof. What we distant scribblers can see from the bare stats is that Pat Reid, for whom there should be a permanent spot reserved on the weekly rostrum, was at it again. 41 points this time and a 1.0 reduction to 23.9. Still a helpful handicap for a man of his relentless consistency. Martin Whelan, obviously enjoying his prolonged stay in the sunshine, registered 40 points and will find 16.8 a challenge in future. Chris Slattery, whose handicap makes every round a tough one, marginally bettered it with his 38 points and third position. He was not alone on this score. Richard Ledgard, Arthur O’Connor and Geoff Thompson matched him but, obviously, were beaten on handicap. L/R Martin and Guess who?

The top four ladies were almost boring in name and will not need telling where to stand come camera time on Saturday. Laura Thompson 36; Isabella Rippinger 34; Loraine Murphy 33; and Pauline Hilliard 31. Nothing exceptional but good, solid, commendable scores.

The one and only Laura Thompson


Only four quartets played sauna golf on America 24/7 in what was to have been a 4 ball better ball but was sensibly changed at the last minute when it was deemed too serious in what were obviously going to be trying conditions. Captain and Organiser Damien kept the same groups but suggested a friendly matchplay format for which the winning pair would get – you’ve guessed it – a bottle of wine. Red to be precise. As a surprise consolation for those who lost there was also a prize – you’ve guessed it – a bottle of vino. Blanco to be exact. 38% of those playing were Irish and the recipients of the medicine bottles included the following;

L-R: Derek Steele, Martin Whelan, Barry Curran, Alan Jewett - JP Karlsson & Pat Madigan

It was 39C according to the Lexus as it took me home afterwards. !


Two trips to Scotland in the space of one newsletter? This time just friendly greetings from distant members, and old chums whom we haven’t seen for too long now.

l/r - George Kirk & Allan Fotheringham and l/r wives Margaret Fotheringham and Alison Kirk


The tension continues to mount. The level of consistency is extraordinarily good. Pity Merv Coombes isn’t here to run a book !

Ladies League Positions

Ladies Stableford League - July

Thank you to Loraine for the following report: "Isabella Rippinger has pulled ahead of Jill Davies this month...but only by 2 points..with Pauline Hilliard holding on to 3rd place.The biggest jump of the month has been from Laura Thompson whose 42 points on 27th July has leapfrogged her up to 4th place.!It is going to be a hard fought end of season as only 10 points separate the next 6 players and any one of them is capable of coming in with a high score to jump up the league table.!"

Men's League Positions

Mens Stableford League - July

"Vic Hilliard's 39 points has also seen him take over 1st place in the league with neither Barry, Roy nor Pat putting in a score to improve their league ranking during the last competition. Mike Fisher has managed to put himself into contention by taking over 5th place. As Flavio Papa is a guest player not a member - his ranking does not count so Seppo is in 9th place and David Evans sneaks into 10th place both with a score of 408 points."

"The heat of August and the move to play on Asia is going to be interesting in terms of scoring next month.! We shall be watching !"


My late brother’s birthday would have been on the 23rd but instead Monique took her mixed gender stalwarts to battle against Atalaya in an attempt to improve our league position. In terms of enjoyment she succeeded admirably but, as the chart below makes clear, we still have some work to do. Or, as she succinctly put it herself, "gaps to bridge". She went on to say “We had a great day, lots of fun, beautiful course. Hugo was captain for the day. I hope he sends you his observations.” Unfortunately not, Monique. Naughty Hugo.

Loraine and Barry were our stars of the day with 40 points. Roy and Monique 37. Unfortunately, as a team, we did less than well, came away with a single, solitary point and can hardly boast about 4 points from 3 matches?

Current SMIC League Table
L-R: Damien Murphy & Sonya Foster, Peter Bradley & Gerda de Brouwere, Monique Peters & Roy Davies, Carla Stoops & Marc de Jonghe, Hugo Verheyen & Vera van de Veken, Loraine Murphy & Barry Curran. Team La Cala

Last Stableford of the Month

Report from Loraine - "Mrs Consistency Laura Thompson took her game to a new level today..27/7 with an amazing 42 points - her best stableford score in quite a while..and her efforts also earned her a cut of -0.9. Well done Laura.!"

"Welcome back to Karin Luxon who has started to post good scores....not forgetting Karen O'Connor who has arrived back at La Cala ..no doubt she will soon be handing in some high scores ! Welcome back as well to Mary & Pat Madigan - Pat with playing handicap of 1 for his second place with 35 points... 34 points saw Brian Garvey take 3rd place on handicap and new shareholder and member Declan Tighe take his first winning position! Welcome to the club Declan !"

Nice to see Flavio Papa back playing again.


What an anti climax it all is with no spectators and some very strange ‘sports’. Can’t ever see taekwondo having its own Sky channel? As one for whom walking short distances, or indeed any sort of physical activity is an uncomfortable experience these days, it is easy to envy the contestants their extreme range of limb movement. At time of writing GB have ten medals, which is good, but the very first went to swimmer Adam Peaty, who thus retained the title he won back in 2015. A terrific performance, not least for having the mindset to cope with going up and down in a pool every day of your life. For a large stretch of our marriage Lilian and the Scribbler enjoyed the luxury of an indoor heated pool which was much used. Not daily, but even so the boredom factor was ever present once the first couple of lengths were behind you.

Adam Peaty - Pity about the tattoos


They don’t do much in the winter but we thought we had lost ours as the leaves yellowed and fell off. We were wrong, thankfully. One baby bloom survived, is still cheering us up on the terrace, and we thought might be a nice, cool looking note to end this issue on.

Saved !

Please send any photos, stories or comments for inclusion in the next edition to jackperry27@gmail.com