JP Joe Petrosino

A film, a Story, a Concept, a Museum

in the house were he was born

Andrea Tidona

To depict the way to legality as a culture

Little Italy reconstructed by technology and artists

Joe's fellow citizens have repeopled our Little Italy performing as extras in the film

Nadia Perciabosco

to present resignation as an obstacle

From Stoyboard to virtual set

to portray an emigrant as a resource

Giacomo Zito

Connivence as the enemy

Valentino Orfeo

and our culture of legality as final solution

Don Luigi Ciotti

Migrant, Italian, Policeman, American, Hero

Joe Petrosino has been killed by those who didn't want the world to become better.

Andrea Tidona e Aldo Di Russo

Our remembrance of him it is their defeat

Created By
Aldo Di Russo


Images from the film JP by Aldo Di Russo produced by Unicity

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