Broken glass, Broken Friendship By:Kole sisson a true story

The glass

In the kitchen ice hit, then the light went out. I heard the glass hit the ground.

Chapter 1 the beggining

Cam, Matt, my brother, and I were all hanging out, my parents just left for dinner, and they didn’t care when I had friends over. We were getting bored of playing video games. So, after a while when we were watching TV when Cam had an idea, “Let’s play horse, with ice, and the sink”.

“That seems like a fun idea, let’s play!”, I exclaimed.

Chapter 2

We were having fun, but Cam Came, with the long shot so he could win the game. He shot from all the way down the hallway, it went in but it was close to hitting the light.

Matt now had to make the same shot “make sure you don’t hit the light” I said.

“I’m a basketball god I won’t miss”, Matt responded.

“Make sure”

“I promise”

Chapter 3

Matt released the shot, he hit the light and the glass shattered everywhere. The light being broken wasn’t the only problem however, I stepped on the broken glass while trying to clean it up, and cut my foot. I was so worried about what my parents would do, and I was furious with Matt.


Chapter 4

We finished cleaning up the glass, and tried to fix the light but we couldn’t, about 15 minutes after it happened someone rang the doorbell. It was Matt’s Mom, and we didn’t know what to do Matt said he had to go, and he was sorry but I was still angry at him for breaking the light. Cam, my brother, and I waited till my mom got home later, and when she got home we told her what happened. She told me to go up to my room, and she would be their in a minute to talk to me.

Chapter 5

I was scared, panicking, and thought to myself “this is all Matt’s fault my mom’s going to be so heated”. She came up the stairs, “why would you let them shoot ice into the sink when the lights right there” I said I was sorry but she took my phone and grounded me for a week. I had no way to contact anyone, I couldn’t hang out with my friends, and worst of all I lost my streaks on snap chat.

Chapter 6

“This is all Matt’s fault”. For the next month I did not talk to Matt, since I was still mad at him for breaking the light, and getting my phone taken away. Matt said he was sorry so many times but I just didn't want to forgive him.

Chapter 7 forgivness

Then one day Matt, and I looked each other in the eyes, he said “Kole I’m sorry for breaking the glass, and getting you in trouble oh, and sorry about your foot”.

I sighed “Matt it’s okay I forgive you I know you didn't mean to break the light”.

After this, about one week later I saw Matt outside, and I asked him to hang out, he said “yes, it was nice being with one of my good friends again.”

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