Meet DYL : The Industry's Platinum Selling Mastermind

Born Dylan Rhodes , January 5, 1995 Philadelphia, PA. Best known for his Platinum hit single “Jordan Belfort” Dyl quickly become a mastermind at climbing the ladder of success.

Dyl has 4 years of experience touring and performing as an independent artist. During his “Jordan Belfort” Tour, Dyl performed over 50 shows and large music festivals in front of crowds as large as 20,000 across the US & Europe.

As of 2019, Dyl’s viral hit Jordan Belfort has over 120M streams on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as 30M views on Youtube.

Dyl recently announced his return to music with the release of his debut album “CRYPTO RICH”

After his success with “Jordan Belfort” Dyl spent several years in New Orleans focused on his education at Tulane University. During this time he focused on developing his vocal sound, flows, and overall production quality.

Dyl released a small catalogue of independently produced rap-pop songs and graduated from Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business with a double-major degree in Finance and Management in 2019.

CryptoPulse, UK’s #1 Podcast

During his time in New Orleans, Dyl also became a successful cryptocurrency investor, ultimately founding a cryptocurrency called BitGreen with several partners.

Despite his success in business, Dyl never lost focus on his musical ambitions. Dyl managed to amass over 100K followers on Instagram and over 200K followers on the Rapchat app. In 2019, Dyl rebranded to Famous Dyl (@famous_dyl) and announced his upcoming “CRYPTO RICH” Album.


  • Dyl had 2015 Platinum hit single "Jordan Belfort" which was a collaboration with Wes Walker (2015)
  • "Jordan Belfort" peaked at 24 on Billboard, was named Top College Song in 2015, independent distribution deal with Atlantic (2015)
  • Dyl performed over 50 shows across USA and Europe (2016)
  • Dyl returned to focus on education and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency investing (2016-2018)
  • Dyl released a small catalogue of Singles during this time (2016-2018)
  • Dyl begins gaining momentum on Singles and social media (2018-2019)
  • Dyl refocused entirely to music in 2019 and released videos for Singles (2019)
  • #1 Account in the world on the Rapchat App (https://rapchat.me/) with 250K followers. It has millions of users.
  • Trending Songs on Triller Dance App: 50K Followers (2019)


Dyl’s upcoming release captures his unique perspective and lifestyle through a sound that is relevant and appealing to a new generation of music fans. Dyl’s fan group is called #DYLUMINATI and is heavily focused on networking and support for independent artists. You can learn more and join DYLUMINATI below.

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