How to heal the world By Irene Arán Fadle

First of all, Why do we need to make the world heal?

By not reusing, reducing, and recycling we are destroying habitats. Nothing lasts forever including our environment, so if we start helping nature, in 20 or 30 years the world will be a better place.

This image was made by an ONG that helps turtles, they are called ... And in this ONG there are doctors that help turtles by getting them out of the sea and making tests with them so if they're dying or unhealthy they cure them.

Is pollution a new phenomenon?

Pollution is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it is older than most people realize. Archeologists digging through sites of Upper Paleolithic settlements, discovered that pollution started with the first modern humans, so it started between forty thousand and ten thousand years ago.

How can we help to heal it?

There are a lot of things we can do to make it heal, but we can't solve all what we've done. We can recycle, use renewable energy, etc.

How does recycling help?

The contamination in some fields makes that it emit gases. This can pollute the environment. Anyone who has passed in a field during hot weather will be familiar with the smell and flies that can be found near the field. Reducing the items in fields will help to reduce the pollution that it causes.

And how does renewable energy help the enviroment?

Generating electricity from renewable energy rather than other types of energy creates more health benefits. Other type of energys can produce problems like heart attacks and cancer. Replacing this type of energy with renewable energy can reduce premature mortality.

We can produce renewable energy with three different parts of nature: water, wind and solar energy.

Does pollution only affect us humans?

No, it also affects animals, plants and all parts of nature. Thats why we need to heal the world.

How do we create pollution?

Sometimes we create pollution without knowing it, an example is when we're travelling by car.


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