Art Portfolio All of my 5th grade art

/\ My Self Expression Art /\

This is my Locker Name Tag. I made it with an Orange, White, Red striped pattern. I love orange and white so I used these colors.
My complete the line activity: Fire Frenzy
This is my Straight Line Design inspired by Piet Mondrian. Instead of using just Primary Colors, I used orange too because it is my favorite.
This is my One Line Drawing project called Inverse Forest. It is called that because you can flip it upside down and see plants. Right side up is the forest with sheep side.
Upside down you see plants.
This is The Glob. It is my color wheel project. I made it a glob shape because I like acid looking things. It really fits the project well.
Look at that cute woolly green sheep! This is my Monochromatic Animal Painting. I chose green as my one color and I combined white and black to make different shades.
This is my group mural I made during Christmas. I was one of the four people who helped make the enlarged picture of the mural. I made the bottom right corner and my friends, Darrell, Dylan, and Amanda.
My Radial Symmetry project. It has to be symmetrical 4 ways. I used orange and white squares
This is a Paper 53 3D drawing of the Sphinx in Egypt. I used 3D shapes like pyramids, rectangular prisms, and octangular prisms to make the scene. With the app Paper 53 I traced over the shapes to make it look like a desert.
This is my Multi-Media Monet painting. I chose to paint a supernova Monet style because supernovi are very colorful.
Like the Monet, this is a Crayola Van Gogh drawing. This is a portion of one of Van Gogh's paintings.

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