Nutrition 9th Grade Health

Instant Activity: Take 5 minutes and write down every thing that you have ate and drank in the last 24 hours. Try to include portion sizes as well for each.

MyPlate replaced the food pyramid that used to represent daily portion size and recomendations.

It is recommended that vegetables, fruits, grains, and proteins each make up just about the same percent of your diet, while dairy should not be as much. According to MyPlate, vegetables and grains should actually make up a larger percent of your diet than protein and fruits but it is not by much and you do not want one food group to dwarf the others. A good goal to strive for is to have as much balance as possible in your diet.

Nutrition labels can be confusing to look at sometimes but they are very important and you can learn a lot more than you think from them.

Take look at the list you made and based upon the last meal you ate: Was it a balanced meal? If it was, were all the food groups included? If not, which groups made up most of your diet and which were less or not included at all?

The more calories that are in a food item or drink, the more work you have to do to burn them off. For example, in order to burn off 1000 calories you need to run vigorously and continuously for 30 minutes.

In order to burn off the 110 calories from this soda you would have to walk continuously for 15 minutes.

It is recommended that you should intake 2,000 calories per day. So...lets say that you drink one 20 oz Dr. Pepper with your lunch everyday and a small bag or Doritos as well. The Dr. Pepper has 250 calories in it and the bag of Doritos has 150 calories. That means the total number of calories for just those two items is 400. That is 20% of your daily recommended caloric intake in those two items alone!

Here are some simple healthier alternatives for high school students: mustard instead of mayo, tea or ice water instead of soda, popcorn instead of potato chips, almond butter instead of peanut butter, and frozen fruit instead of candy.

For class next time..

Cut off and bring in a nutrition label from something that you have ate or drank at home. We will talk about it and discuss it next time.


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