10 Facts About Utah By:Samantha

Before the 1700s,non indigenous people knew of a vast land north of Santa Fe and between st.Louis and the west coast.But they didn't know much about it.

Utah is considered a dessert state.But the mountains may receive 50-60 inches of precipitation a year,while the great salt lake dessert receives only five inches.

Utah has a lot of varied terrain formed by millions of years of geologic processes,climate,wind and water.

Members of the Norm Nevills expedition of 1938 from Green river,Utah,to lake mead.

This bridge over the San Rafael river at Buck horn wash was built in 1937 and restored in 1994.Its part of Utah,s built environment.

The beginning of traveling by plane:Ben Redman and J.A. tomlinson pose at salt lake city before boarding western air lines first passenger flight on may 23,1926.

Many factors affect what plants and animals can thrive in a place .Elevation, for instance,makes a big difference.

1985 was a year of temperature extremes!The highest temperature ever recorded in Utah was 117 degrees F on July 5 1985,at St .George on February 1 1985 at peters sink in Logan canyon the temperature sank to 69 degrees F the lowest recorded temperature in Utah.

People have lived in Utah for thousands of years.The earliest inhabitants are called the Paleo-Indians.

When Europeans arrived in Utah the land was inhabited by various Native American tribes.


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